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Gene Review

Dnm2  -  dynamin 2

Mus musculus

Synonyms: Dyn2, Dynamin UDNM, Dynamin-2, Udnm, b2b2159Clo
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High impact information on Dnm2


Biological context of Dnm2


Anatomical context of Dnm2

  • To define how Dyn2 might participate in actin dynamics in livings cells we have expressed green fluorescent protein (GFP)-tagged Dyn2 in cultured cells and observed labeling of comet-like vesicles and macropinosomes [7].
  • To determine the role of caveolae internalization in the mechanism of NO production, we expressed dominant-negative dynamin-2 mutant (K44A) or treated cells with methyl-beta-cyclodextrin [8].
  • Therefore, we examined etorphine and morphine effects on regulation of GRK-2 and DYN-2 in mouse spinal cord [9].
  • Dynamin 2 protein was detected in mouse testis and was most abundant in or around the developing acrosome of spermatids [6].

Associations of Dnm2 with chemical compounds

  • Delivery of the same daily dose of etorphine or naloxone using intermittent (every 24 h for 7 days) s.c. administration had no effect on immunoreactive mu-opioid receptor, [3H] DAMGO binding or dynamin-2 abundance [4].

Other interactions of Dnm2

  • Thus, dynamin 2 may be the constitutive counterpart of dynamin 1 in growing neurons [10].
  • The large GTPase dynamin (Dyn2) has been demonstrated by us and others to interact with several different actin-binding proteins [7].
  • Etorphine increased ( approximately 70%) DYN-2 protein abundance and decreased its mRNA (31%), whereas it had no effect on GRK-2 protein and mRNA abundance [9].


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