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Gene Review

sul1  -  dihydropteroate synthase

Escherichia coli

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Disease relevance of sul1


High impact information on sul1

  • Potential silencing of the resistance genes bla(OXA-2), aadA1, sul1, and tetA carried on the plasmid pVE46 in a recent porcine isolate of Escherichia coli was investigated following oral inoculation of the strain into organic piglets [5].
  • All strains harbored a qnrA gene located on a sul1-type class 1 integron with similar structure to the In36 integron [6].
  • Examination of the other three bla(CTX-M) genes by cloning, sequencing, and PCR analysis revealed the presence of a complex sul1-type integron that includes open reading frame ORF513, which carries the bla gene and the surrounding DNA [7].
  • Negative associations were found between resistance genes encoding resistance to the same antimicrobial agent: tet(A)/tet(B), sul1/sul2 and strA-strB/aadA1 [8].
  • Transformation experiments confirmed statistical associations by demonstrating that elt, estB, astA, aadA and sul1 were located with catA1 on a large ETEC plasmid [9].

Biological context of sul1

  • A sul1-type class 1 integron containing an aacA1-orfG gene cassette was identified upstream of bla(CMY-9) and ended with a truncated 3' conserved segment [10].
  • Furthermore, the presence of the common DT104 antibiotic resistance genes for the penta-resistance type ACSSuT, aadA2, floR, pse-1, sul1 and tet(G), was also studied because of the authors' focus on this emerging type [11].
  • The origin of sul1 and sul2 found in isolates from healthy humans is speculative, but their spread from pigs to humans via the food chain is possible [12].

Associations of sul1 with chemical compounds


Other interactions of sul1


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