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Gene Review

Sult2a6  -  sulfotransferase family 2A,...

Rattus norvegicus

Synonyms: AD-ST, Alcohol sulfotransferase A, Androsterone-sulfating sulfotransferase, Hydroxysteroid sulfotransferase A, RATSMP2A, ...
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Disease relevance of Smp2a


High impact information on Smp2a

  • Major isoenzymes of androsterone-sulphating sulphotransferase (AD-ST) were isolated from liver cytosols of weanling and young adult female rats and their isoelectric properties were compared [2].
  • These results demonstrate that the pI variants of AD-ST are derived from the same precursor by post-translational modification or that they are products of closely related, but distinct, genes [2].
  • The cDNA sequence (saGHF-1/Pit-1) encodes a protein of 371 amino acids (aa) containing a POU domain (aa 194-343) and a transactivation, STA domain (aa 1-128) [3].
  • Addition of DEX to the media resulted in ST-40/41 and ST-60 mRNA expression at 20 and 35% of their initial values, respectively, in cultures maintained on matrigel and Chee's medium at 96 hr [4].
  • Female GH secretory pattern appears to determine the high expression of ST-20/21 in postpubertal female rats, although male GH secretory pattern results in the low expression of ST-40/41 and ST-60 in mature male rats [5].

Biological context of Smp2a


Anatomical context of Smp2a

  • On the other hand, AD-ST is evident in the hepatocytes proximal to the portal triad in males, while in females it is synthesized and localized in all the hepatocytes [10].
  • The lectins MPA and STA may be, therefore, used as the specific markers of malignancy in rat thyroid carcinogenesis [11].

Associations of Smp2a with chemical compounds


Regulatory relationships of Smp2a

  • It has been previously reported that in vivo treatment with CYP1A1 inducer 3-methylcholanthrene (3-MC) suppresses rat hepatic HST-a mRNA expression in a dose-dependent manner [14].

Other interactions of Smp2a


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Smp2a


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