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Gene Review

Crybb2  -  crystallin, beta B2

Rattus norvegicus

Synonyms: Beta-B2 crystallin, Beta-crystallin B2, Beta-crystallin Bp
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Disease relevance of Crybb2


High impact information on Crybb2

  • However, recent data has shown GH receptor/binding protein (GHR/BP) to be present in rat fetal tissues as early as fetal stage E12 [3].
  • Third, GHR/BP mRNA was also found in regions remote from IGF-I mRNA, including the nerve ganglia and inner olfactory bulb [3].
  • The primary objective of the present experiment was to assess whether prior, chronic exposure to cocaine modulates expression of CRH-BP, and to compare expression of the BP with that of the peptide itself [4].
  • In other areas of the central nervous system, the BP seems positioned to serve as a transmitter/modulator at conventional synapses or as an autocrine or paracrine modulator of local CRF effects [5].
  • We conclude that disulfide-linked BP conjugates were readily cleavable by the amino acid cysteine in vitro, but in vivo cleavage of the disulfide-linked conjugates was not evident when the proteins were implanted adsorbed to mineral-based matrices [6].

Biological context of Crybb2

  • No significant changes in the ovarian concentration of GH-R/GH-BP transcripts were seen during the estrus cycle [7].
  • Hypophysectomy caused a decrease in GH-R/GH-BP gene expression in the ovary, an effect which could be partly reversed with a single injection of GH (2 mg/kg) [7].

Anatomical context of Crybb2


Associations of Crybb2 with chemical compounds

  • After gossypol treatment in the RPS, the synthesis of sperm-specific proteins (BP and X1) and core histones (H2A and H4) became drastically reduced [8].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Crybb2

  • We have used in situ hybridization to localize GHR/BP and IGF-I mRNAs in 16.5-, 18.5-, and 20.5-day-old rat fetuses [3].
  • The ontogeny of the GH-R/GH-BP mRNA expression was studied using Northern blot analysis and a solution hybridization RNase protection assay [7].


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