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Gene Review

IFT172  -  intraflagellar transport 172

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: Intraflagellar transport protein 172 homolog, KIAA1179, NPHP17, SLB, SRTD10, ...
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Disease relevance of IFT172

  • STUDY OBJECTIVES: Presently, surgical (open or thoracoscopic) lung biopsy (SLB) is the gold standard for the diagnosis of new-onset idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) and other interstitial lung diseases (ILDs) [1].
  • T cells from a patient with malignant melanoma were infected with HTLV I by co-culture with a HTLV I-producing T cell line, SLB I [2].
  • Mean maximal binding (Bmax) of the alpha2-adrenoceptor antagonist [3H]rauwolscine to platelet membranes was significantly reduced (P < 0.001) after exposure to chronic hypoxia [SLB: 172.6 (48.5) fmol x mg(-1) protein versus SLA: 136.8 (56.1) fmol x mg(-1) protein] without change in the dissociation constant (K(D)) [3].
  • Forty-eight percent of SLB sera contained aAbs directed against the ribosomal proteins of the 60 S subunit compared to 9% for RA, 5% for blood donors and 0% for thyroiditis [4].

High impact information on IFT172


Biological context of IFT172


Anatomical context of IFT172

  • Diurnal variations in the rate of DNA synthesis by circulating lymphocytes of healthy men were measured in vitro by SLB at 2-hr intervals for 24 hr [6].
  • In each species, an apparent rhythmic feeding motor program (FMP) was observed by intracellular recording from both SLB neurons and other neurons in isolated preparations of the buccal ganglia [7].
  • The data were consistent with Na+ and Cl- ions initially remaining inside the cell and a cell membrane Lp of 10(-3) cm sec-1 osm-1, which is close to the values determined by Spring and co-workers (K.R. Spring, A. Hope & B.E. Persson, 1981. In: Water Transport Across Epithelia. Alfred Benzon Symposium 15. pp. 190-200. Munskgaard, Copenhagen) [10].
  • The system was designated SLB and its product (antigen SLB-A1) was demonstrated in all lymphocytes from the lymph nodes, thymus and peripheral blood, but not in the erythrocytes [11].


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