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Gene Review

IDH2  -  isocitrate dehydrogenase 2 (NADP+),...

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: D2HGA2, ICD-M, IDH, IDHM, IDP, ...
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Disease relevance of IDH2


High impact information on IDH2


Biological context of IDH2

  • Evidence from hybrid clones carrying a human X/15 translocation chromosome indicates that the human IDH-2 gene can be localized to the q11-qter region of chromosome 15 [8].
  • A correlation was found between the expression of human IDH-2 and the presence of human chromosome 15 in a "panel" of eight independent hybrid clones [8].
  • Electrophoretic patterns in F1 hybrid heterozygotes confirmed the dimeric structures of GPI and IDH, and indicated a multimeric structure for pyruvate kinase [9].

Anatomical context of IDH2

  • The method allows one to distinguish human IDH-2 from its mouse counterpart in extracts from human-mouse somatic cell hybrids [8].
  • In T and B cells, rapamycin (RAPA) could repress the mitogen-stimulated mNADP-IDH expression, although most of the early or late phase activation-related genes including a G-protein beta subunit-related gene H12.3 were not affected by the drug [7].
  • Altogether, 577 lateral menisci were classified into the following three types: normal type (NM); incomplete discoid type (ICDM); and complete discoid type (CDM) [4].
  • Basic MSAs for IDH and SCS patients that were introduced from a common peroneal nerve were found to be statistically higher than those of the control subjects [10].

Associations of IDH2 with chemical compounds

  • A double-immunodiffusion method has been developed to detect human mitochondrial NADP-linked isocitrate dehydrogenase (EC; designated as IDH-2) using rabbit antiserum against the relevant enzyme [8].

Other interactions of IDH2

  • IDH-2 and human cytoplasmic IDH (IDH-1) were found to be asyntenic [8].
  • Assignment of cytoplasmic alpha-mannosidase (MANA) and confirmation of mitochondrial isocitrate dehydrogenase (IDHM) to the q11 leads to qter region of chromosome 15 in man [11].
  • Mendelian inheritance of codominant autosomal alleles was established for IDH-2, LDH-1, LDH-2, ME-2, PGM-1, and PGI-2 [12].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of IDH2

  • The comparative painting results agreed completely with the limited gene mapping data available in horses, and also enabled us provisionally to assign one linkage group (U2) and one syntenic group (NP, MPI, IDH2) to specific equine chromosomes [13].
  • The current report documents the molecular cloning of the mouse mitochondrial NADP-dependent isocitrate dehydrogenase (mNADP-IDH) cDNA [1].


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