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Gene Review

sty  -  sprouty

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: CG1921, CS3-3, Dmel\CG1921, Protein sprouty, STY, ...
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Disease relevance of sty


High impact information on sty

  • The Egfr triggers cell recruitment in the eye, and sprouty- eyes have excess photoreceptors, cone cells, and pigment cells [2].
  • Our results indicate that Sprouty is a widespread inhibitor of Ras pathway signal transduction [2].
  • In contrast to an earlier proposal that Sprouty is extracellular, we show by biochemical analysis that Sprouty is an intracellular protein, associated with the inner surface of the plasma membrane [2].
  • sprouty encodes a novel antagonist of FGF signaling that patterns apical branching of the Drosophila airways [3].
  • These two proteins contain a cysteine-rich domain related to Sprouty (the SPR domain) at the carboxy terminus [4].

Biological context of sty


Anatomical context of sty


Associations of sty with chemical compounds

  • Thus, Sprouty may regulate angiogenesis in normal and disease processes by modulating signaling by endothelial tyrosine kinases [1].

Physical interactions of sty

  • Substrate-trapping forms of Corkscrew bind Sprouty in cultured Drosophila cells and the developing eye [13].

Regulatory relationships of sty

  • Similarly, in wing imaginal discs, ectopic Sprouty abolishes activated MAP kinase induced by the EGF receptor pathway [7].
  • At the stage when dorso-ventral polarity of the follicle cells is established, Sprouty limits the ventral expansion of the activating Gurken signal [7].
  • The Drosophila Sprouty (SPRY) protein has been shown to inhibit the actions of epidermal growth factor and fibroblast growth factor [15].

Other interactions of sty


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