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Gene Review

HOXA4  -  homeobox A4

Gallus gallus

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High impact information on HOXA4


Biological context of HOXA4

  • Comparison of the avian bsp promoter sequence to those of other genes expressed in vertebrate skeletal tissues, identified the presence of homeobox protein binding sequence motifs for engrailed (en-1) and Msx 2 (Hox 8.1), and two collagen type II gene silencer elements [5].
  • A unique mutation of the paired box (Pax)-6 gene (a kind of homeobox gene) was found in a new rat strain "rSey" which showed no induction of both lens and nasal placodes in the homozygote [6].

Anatomical context of HOXA4

  • During early stages of normal chick limb development, the homeobox-containing (HOX) gene GHox-4.6 is expressed throughout the posterior mesoderm of the wing bud from which most of the skeletal elements including the digits will develop, whereas GHox-8 is expressed in the anterior limb bud mesoderm which will not give rise to skeletal elements [7].
  • Chicken homeobox gene Msx-1: structure, expression in limb buds and effect of retinoic acid [8].
  • Goosecoid (gsc) is an evolutionarily conserved homeobox gene expressed in the gastrula organizer region of a variety of vertebrate embryos, including zebrafish, Xenopus, chicken and mouse [9].
  • A homeobox gene involved in node, notochord and neural plate formation of chick embryos [10].
  • We analyzed the spatial expression patterns of Hox genes belonging to the HoxA and HoxB cluster (Hoxa-4 approximately a-9, Hoxb-5 approximately b-9) in the developing chick digestive tract [11].

Other interactions of HOXA4

  • Expression of the chicken homeobox-containing gene GHox-8 during embryonic chick limb development [12].
  • We report the cloning and expression pattern of the chicken DLX3 gene, a homeobox gene highly related to the DLX5 gene with regard to both the encoded protein structure and the expression pattern [13].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of HOXA4

  • The binding profiles of these proteins to the 5'-leader and 5'-upstream sequences of Chox-1.4 and Chox-a coding regions were analyzed by immunoprecipitation and DNase I footprint assays [14].
  • PCR also proved to be a rapid method for identifying homeobox sequences from diverse metazoan species [15].


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