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Gene Review

IGFBP5  -  insulin-like growth factor binding protein 5

Ovis aries

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Disease relevance of IGFBP-5

  • We conclude that locally produced IGFBPs, in particular IGFBP-5, may play a critical role in the regulation of cartilage matrix degradation in inflammatory and degenerative arthritides [1].

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Biological context of IGFBP-5


Anatomical context of IGFBP-5


Associations of IGFBP-5 with chemical compounds


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of IGFBP-5

  • Furthermore, IL-1alpha, but not IGF-I, induced IGFBP-5 messenger RNA expression, as assessed by Northern blot analysis [1].
  • In conclusion, we show that IGFBP-5 is specifically cleaved by a serine protease released by primary cultures of ovine articular chondrocytes and also demonstrate the ability of IGF-I to inhibit the proteolytic activity both in cell culture and in cell-free conditions [7].


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