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Gene Review

MLPH  -  melanophilin

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: Exophilin-3, Melanophilin, SLAC2A, SlaC2-a, Slac-2a, ...
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Disease relevance of MLPH

  • In breast tumor tissue specimens, expression of ln alpha 3 and beta 3 mRNAs tended to be reduced relative to levels observed in adjacent nontumor tissue, whereas in gamma 2 levels were elevated in specimens with increased amounts of myoepithelial cells [1].
  • The combination of Ida/Bu/Melph appears a promising alternative regimen for PBSCT in myeloma, with low transplant-related toxicity and fast hematological recovery [2].

High impact information on MLPH


Biological context of MLPH


Anatomical context of MLPH


Associations of MLPH with chemical compounds


Physical interactions of MLPH

  • Here, we show by reconstitution using purified proteins that Rab27a and Mlph are sufficient to form a transport complex with myosin Va in vitro [10].

Other interactions of MLPH


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of MLPH

  • In our study comparing Cy and TBI with Melph and TBI in AML, we have shown a significant increase in antileukemic activity after transplantation following the latter conditioning regimen [14].
  • In the single-arm ALL autograft study our results were very encouraging and suggest that Melph/TBI can produce disease-free survival results at least as good as with other conditioning regimens [14].


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