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Gene Review

PAGE4  -  P antigen family, member 4 (prostate...

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: CT16.7, G antigen family C member 1, GAGE-9, GAGEC1, JM-27, ...
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Disease relevance of PAGE4


Psychiatry related information on PAGE4

  • Alterations in the psychopathological findings were documented by means of the Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale (BPRS), the Hamilton Depression Scale (HAMD), the Hamilton Anxiety Scale (HAMA), and the psychopathological findings (page 4) of the AMDP system [5].

High impact information on PAGE4

  • Lahn and Page previously observed that genes on the human X chromosome were physically arranged along the chromosome in "strata," roughly ordered by degree of divergence from related genes on the Y chromosome [6].
  • We investigated the recent suggestion that large-conductance, calcium-activated K(+) (BK) channels, rather than proton channels, play an essential role in innate immunity (Ahluwalia, J., A. Tinker, L.H. Clapp, M.R. Duchen, A.Y. Abramov, S. Page, M. Nobles, and A.W. Segal. 2004. Nature. 427:853-858) [7].
  • Further research must be done to investigate the potential use of ibuprofen in patients with BPH and examine if JM-27 expression in patients with BPH may stratify individuals who may be most responsive to pharmacological treatment [8].
  • In addition, we observed that the administration of doxazosin and ibuprofen to BPH-1 cells decreased the expression of JM-27, a protein particularly expressed in prostate that is highly up-regulated in symptomatic BPH [8].
  • Early renal allograft dysfunction may be caused by a number of technical factors including thrombosis, kinking of vessels, and a Page kidney situation in which the allograft is compressed within a shallow false pelvis and limited retroperitoneal space [9].

Biological context of PAGE4

  • Androgens are believed to play a central role in prostate growth and development, and therefore, it is tempting to speculate that JM-27, an androgen-regulated gene, may be involved in prostatic growth regulation [4].
  • Small subunit ribosomal RNA gene sequences were determined for 5 amoeba strains of the genus Neoparamoeba Page, 1987 that were isolated from gills of Scophthalmus maximus (Linnaeus, 1758) [10].
  • Plasminogen kringle 5 (pk5), an inhibitor of angiogenesis, was fused to hIFNgamma and its serially truncated fragments, respectively, and the expression of fusion proteins was determined by SDS-Page gel [11].
  • We demonstrate GAGEC1 up-regulation by TGF-beta1 in primary prostatic stromal and epithelial cells [12].
  • Dermatology Internet Yellow Page advertising [13].

Anatomical context of PAGE4

  • In the present study, we have used in situ hybridization to show that PAGE4 mRNA is expressed only in the epithelial cells of normal and prostate-cancer specimens [1].
  • Furthermore, cDNA microarray analysis indicates that the expression of lipoprotein lipase, a gene frequently deleted in prostate cancer, is down-regulated in a cell line that expresses PAGE4 [1].
  • Our previous studies using array technology identified JM-27 as a transcript that is dramatically up-regulated in the prostates of patients with symptomatic BPH and in normal, adjacent prostatic regions of patients with prostate cancer [4].
  • GAGEC1 belongs to the GAGE-related family of cancer/testis associated antigens and in males is expressed only in prostate and testis [12].
  • GDx-VCC parameters considered were those available on page 1 of the printout [TSNIT average and standard deviation (SD), superior and inferior average (SA, IA), Nerve Fiber Indicator] [14].

Associations of PAGE4 with chemical compounds

  • Androgen regulation of JM-27 is associated with the diseased prostate [4].
  • Editor's Page: JCMR-Faster Production and Citation for 2007 [15].
  • The "Bacterial Genotyping Page" is a service for strain identification at the subspecies level [16].
  • Repeated measures ANOVAs revealed the Total Time score, but not the Page 1 score, to be significant in discriminating diazepam from placebo across time, supporting the use of the complete DVT for measuring drug effects [17].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of PAGE4


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