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Ear Diseases

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Disease relevance of Ear Diseases


High impact information on Ear Diseases

  • Self-curing controlled release systems for steroids. Application of prednisolone-based polymeric systems to ear diseases [6].
  • OBJECTIVES/HYPOTHESIS: Brain herniation and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) leakage into the middle ear and mastoid are rare but described complications of chronic ear disease [7].
  • CONCLUSIONS: Brain herniation and/or CSF leak appear to be rare complications of surgery for revision chronic ear disease [7].
  • A number of authors have suggested that oral contraceptives may increase the risk of certain ear diseases, especially otosclerosis and vestibular disorders, although the amount of published information on this topic is limited [8].
  • CONCLUSIONS: The authors conclude that chronic pathologic changes resembling human ear disorders persist and that this model further extends the hypothesis that prenatally acquired keratin eventually could account for some cases of human ear disease [9].

Chemical compound and disease context of Ear Diseases


Anatomical context of Ear Diseases


Gene context of Ear Diseases

  • These data showed that the risk of ear disease in CF was not increased even if patients with severe audiological involvement were described only in the CF group [16].
  • In this second in a series of famous historic personages who suffered from ear disease (see Yardley M, Rutka J. Troy, Mycenae, and the Otologic Demise of Herr Heinrich Schliemann. J Otolaryngol 1998; 27:217-221), we review the life and otology-related death of the legendary playwright Oscar Wilde [17].
  • Topical aminoglycosides? Yes. The case for using these agents in chronic ear disease [18].
  • Eleven subjects with no history of ear disease were subjected to continuous, 24-h, direct ME pressure measurements and tubal function tests, respectively [19].
  • The sera from 21 age- and sex-matched individuals without a history of ear disease served as the control [20].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Ear Diseases


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