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Chemical Compound Review

Ciprinol     1-cyclopropyl-6-fluoro-4-oxo- 7-piperazin-1...

Synonyms: Cetraxal, Cifloxin, Ciprobay, Ciprodar, Ciprogis, ...
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Anatomical context of ciprofloxacin

  • LMP triggers mitochondrial membrane permeabilization (MMP), as detected by the release of cytochrome c. Both CPX and NFX* cause Bax and Bak to adopt their apoptotic conformation and to insert into mitochondrial membranes [26].
  • Prophylactic ciprofloxacin for catheter-associated urinary-tract infection [27].
  • Since ciprofloxacin penetrates well into macrophages, this drug was given to two patients with advanced malakoplakia (500 mg twice daily) [28].
  • CONCLUSIONS: In patients with active Crohn's disease of the ileum, the addition of ciprofloxacin and metronidazole to budesonide is an ineffective intervention, but this antibiotic combination may improve outcome when there is involvement of the colon [29].
  • A mean of 2.7 days after the start of the treatment, development of ciprofloxacin resistance was detected in S epidermidis from the axilla of all persons, compared with 11 days for the appearance of resistant S epidermidis in nostrils [30].

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