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Gene Review

OSCAR  -  osteoclast associated, immunoglobulin-like...

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: Osteoclast-associated immunoglobulin-like receptor, Osteoclast-associated receptor, PIGR3, PIgR-3, PIgR3, ...
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Disease relevance of OSCAR


Psychiatry related information on OSCAR

  • Such a "blooming, buzzing confusion" of internal and external referents might appear to be psychotic and imply a loss of "reality testing." Chassaguet-Smirgel (1988), citing Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray as an example, contended that the artist narrowly averts psychosis by transforming it into a work of art [6].

High impact information on OSCAR


Chemical compound and disease context of OSCAR

  • In this second in a series of famous historic personages who suffered from ear disease (see Yardley M, Rutka J. Troy, Mycenae, and the Otologic Demise of Herr Heinrich Schliemann. J Otolaryngol 1998; 27:217-221), we review the life and otology-related death of the legendary playwright Oscar Wilde [8].

Biological context of OSCAR


Anatomical context of OSCAR


Associations of OSCAR with chemical compounds

  • Cross-linking of hOSCAR, which activates via the FcR-associated gamma-chain, induced Ca(2+) flux in DCs [11].
  • Low level cadmium exposure, renal and bone effects--the OSCAR study [14].
  • According to two of the models--the Phonological Loop model (Hitch, Burgess, Towse, & Culpin, 1996) and the OSCAR model (Brown, Preece, & Hulme, 2000)--contextual information depends critically on the timing of item presentation with reference to group onset [15].
  • The OSCAR-project (Optimal Speech Communication Assistance for Residual Abilities) within the TIDE frame is aiming at processing the speech signal in such a way so that it can be more effectively aurally perceived than with an ordinary hearing aid in case of a very small residual hearing [16].
  • The 2,3-BPG effect in rHb Oscar also appears to be slightly enhanced compared to that in Hb A [17].
  • OSCAR was expressed by osteoclasts at the erosion front and by mononuclear cells around synovial microvessels [18].

Other interactions of OSCAR

  • We measured the expression of ERM gene, a nuclear transcription factor belonging to the ets family, in a series of 364 unselected primary breast cancers from patients who underwent locoregional surgery in the Centre Oscar Lambret between May 1989 and December 1991 [19].
  • Thymosin beta 12 also shows 84% sequence homology to thymosin beta 11, a beta 4 analog which replaces beta 4 in two species of bony fish, oscar and rainbow trout [20].
  • The marginal adaptation was rated as partly sealed (Oscar-Alpha) in 107 (92.2) of the restorations [21].
  • Introduction. An Oscar for TGF-beta and its performance in the kidney [22].
  • A theory of scandal: Victorians, homosexuality, and the fall of Oscar Wilde [23].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of OSCAR

  • Microchips versus stethoscopes, part 2: Revisiting OSCAR at the Foothills Hospital [24].
  • We also interviewed 105 informed individuals of different ethnicities, all members of the multi-ethnic patients and carriers' organization 'OSCAR Nederland'. RESULTS: On average, 68% of the Surinamese Hindustanis and 42% of the Surinamese Afro-Americans were in favor of selective abortion in case of affected pregnancy [25].
  • This surgical approach has been modified such that with the aid of an ultrasonically driven cement removal instrument (OSCAR) the length of the osteotomy is reduced, preserving bone stock, and it is possible to implant a shorter prosthesis in approximately 60% of cases [26].
  • An objective scaling of facial nerve function based on area analysis (OSCAR) was developed using the variations of luminance produced by changes of facial expression [27].
  • Subzero isoelectric focusing experiments suggest that rHb Oscar does not have dissociation properties like those of Hb A [17].


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