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Goiter, Endemic

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Chemical compound and disease context of Goiter, Endemic

  • Thyroid hormone and immunological studies in endemic goiter [10].
  • Evidence that cassava ingestion increases thiocyanate formation: a possible etiologic factor in endemic goiter [11].
  • In this area, endemic goiter associated with moderate iodine deficiency [59 +/- 3 (+/- SE) microgram iodine/g creatinine], as defined by WHO criteria, affects 65% of the population [12].
  • All Graves' IgG that stimulated [3H]thymidine incorporation in FRTL-5 cells also stimulated cAMP production in this culture system, whereas no adenylate cyclase stimulation was produced by IgG from patients with endemic goiter [9].
  • Lactate dehydrogenase activity, a marker of cytosolic enzyme, was not lower in endemic goiter tissues than in normal tissues, suggesting that both tissues possessed functioning cells capable of producing cytosolic enzyme [13].

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