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Disease relevance of Goiter


Psychiatry related information on Goiter


High impact information on Goiter

  • Efficacy was assessed by evaluating goiter size and measuring urinary iodine and serum thyroid hormone concentrations for 12 months [9].
  • Among the 21 patients studied serially while receiving levothyroxine, thyrotropin-blocking antibodies disappeared in 15 (group 1), 7 of whom had goiter initially, and persisted in 6 (group 2), none of whom had goiter initially [10].
  • Characteristically these patients exhibit hereditary congenital goiter with relatively low Tg levels that do not increase after stimulation with bovine TSH [11].
  • Congenital goiter with defective iodide transport [12].
  • Thyroglobulin and calcitonin in patients with nontoxic goiter [13].

Chemical compound and disease context of Goiter


Biological context of Goiter

  • Since few hypothyroid patients had autoimmunity or goiter, lithium may affect the thyroid gland directly [17].
  • We identified a homozygous missense mutation of A-->C at nucleotide +1060 in NIS complementary DNA in a male patient who was born from consanguineous marriage, had a huge goiter, and lacked the ability to accumulate iodide but was essentially euthyroid [19].
  • The data support the possibility that the TG accumulated in the follicular lumen of nontoxic goiters together with relative iodine deficiency contributes to increased MHC expression in thyroid cells in vivo and that increased MHC gene expression contributes to the ability of thyroid antigens to trigger an autoimmune reaction [20].
  • We report herein the study of two siblings (DESM and DSM) with hypothyroidism, goiter, and positive perchlorate discharge tests (50% and 70%) in a family (M) with no history of consanguinity [21].
  • The point mutation is, thus, removed from a portion of the transcripts by the preferential accumulation in the goiter of a 171-nt-deleted Tg mRNA [22].

Anatomical context of Goiter


Gene context of Goiter

  • The congenital goiter mutation is linked to the thyroglobulin gene in the mouse [28].
  • Here we report that the mRNA expression of PlGF, VEGF and their receptors is markedly enhanced in biopsies of goiters resected from Graves's patients [29].
  • Linkage of familial euthyroid goiter to the multinodular goiter-1 locus and exclusion of the candidate genes thyroglobulin, thyroperoxidase, and Na+/I- symporter [30].
  • By contrast, only three of five multinodular goiter samples were positive for IL-1 alpha mRNA; of these, two were also positive for IL-6, and 1 was positive for IL-8 mRNA [31].
  • Levels of fibroblast growth factor 2 (FGF-2) and its receptor, FGFR1, are elevated in goiter, but whether this is a direct effect of TSH is unknown [32].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Goiter


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