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Gene Review

nph  -  nephrosis

Mus musculus

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Disease relevance of nph


High impact information on nph


Chemical compound and disease context of nph


Biological context of nph


Anatomical context of nph


Associations of nph with chemical compounds

  • After treatment, urinary, serologic, and histopathologic indices of nephrosis showed reversal of CG in 8 of 12 CYC202-treated mice compared with progression of CG in 10 of 12 vehicle-treated mice, demonstrating a significant therapeutic benefit from CYC202 (P < 0.05) [21].
  • BACKGROUND: The mouse, as opposed to the rat, is relatively resistant to the experimental nephrosis induced by puromycin aminonucleoside [22].
  • Following treatment, histopathological, serological and urinary indices of nephrosis were normalized in flavopiridol-treated but not in vehicle-treated transgenics [23].
  • Interstrain differences in murine daunomycin-induced nephrosis [24].
  • However, dose-related toxic nephrosis was found in mice given 1.35-5.0% BHT in the diet [25].

Other interactions of nph

  • IP-10 may participate in the modulation of renal damage in experimental nephrosis [10].
  • A severe nephrosis in heartwater-infected Angora goats, treated after the first day of the febrile reaction, is described [26].
  • Increase in kidney weight, glomerular nephrosis, degeneration/desquamation of tubular epithelium and characteristic amyloid deposition in glomeruli were observed only in the group of mice treated with 2000 mg/kg TCE [27].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of nph


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