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Disease relevance of Dysgeusia


High impact information on Dysgeusia


Chemical compound and disease context of Dysgeusia

  • Drowsiness and altered taste perception were increased significantly over placebo only in the high-dose azelastine group [11].
  • Adverse clinical events possibly or probably associated with injection of gadoteridol were seen in 18 of 411 patients (4.4%); the most common were dysgeusia and mild nausea, and all abated without residual effects [12].
  • During and up to 1 h after aerosol exposures, nasal irritation, rhinorrhea, dysgeusia, or a combination of symptoms was experienced by some of the subjects receiving either of the two higher amantadine concentrations [13].
  • Neither form of kindling nor repeated ethanol withdrawal altered taste aversion conditioning, though rats treated chronically with ethanol and given a single withdrawal experience showed enhanced taste aversion conditioning [14].
  • RESULTS: Eradication was achieved in 18/26 (69.2%) of subjects treated with omeprazole and amoxycillin and 18/25 (72.0%) of those treated with omeprazole and clarithromycin (P = N.S.). Minor side effects, most commonly altered taste, were reported by 16% of patients and were more frequent in those randomized to clarithromycin (P = 0.01) [15].

Anatomical context of Dysgeusia

  • Apart from reducing Caspase-2 expression, Bax deficiency also altered taste organ development. bax(-/-) mice had a more profusely innervated vallate papilla, which grew to be 25% longer and taller, with the mean taste bud containing more than twice the normal number of taste cells [16].

Gene context of Dysgeusia


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Dysgeusia


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