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Chemical Compound Review

AC1N9ZJC     (2S)-2-[[(1R)-4-[(2,4- diamino-2,3...

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Disease relevance of methotrexate


Psychiatry related information on methotrexate


High impact information on methotrexate


Chemical compound and disease context of methotrexate


Biological context of methotrexate

  • A HSR localized to the long arm of chromosome 10(q26) is present in clones selected at or above 2.5 microM MTX [17].
  • For example, in one MTX-resistant subline studied, approximately equal to 90% of the original DHFR gene dosage is lost in 25-30 cell doublings in the absence of MTX [18].
  • MTX stimulates transient expression in a concentration-dependent manner from a hamster DHFR promoter construct containing 150 base pairs 5' to the start of transcription [19].
  • Cells transfected with the vector alone (and resistant to 0.02 or 1.0 microM MTX) or with a poly(dG-dT) insert (and resistant to 0.05 or 1.0 microM MTX) showed little change in chromosome aberrations or sister chromatid exchange frequencies [20].
  • These 6,5-fused ring heterocyclic antifolates utilized the reduced folate/MTX transporter for uptake, based on the cross-resistance of MTX uptake-impaired CCRF-CEM cells, and were efficient substrates for this uptake system, based on inhibition of [3H]MTX uptake (IC50, 0.3-5.8 microM; aminopterin IC50, 2.6 microM) [21].

Anatomical context of methotrexate

  • In this study, we examined the basis for differences between long chain MTX polyglutamate accumulation between different leukemia cell types using both leukemia cell lines and blasts freshly isolated from blood of leukemic patients [22].
  • UCB patients, who received cyclosporine (CSA) and methylprednisolone (MP), were matched for age, diagnosis, and disease stage with BM patients, who received either methotrexate (MTX) and CSA (26 pairs) or T-cell depletion (TCD) and CSA/MP (31 pairs) [23].
  • Presymptomatic central nervous system (CNS) treatment in children with a late isolated first bone marrow (BM) relapse of acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) was based on intermediate-dose systemic and intrathecal (IT) methotrexate (MTX) in the multicenter trial, ALL-REZ BFM 85 [24].
  • In contrast, 18 patients who received GVHD prophylactic regimens containing MTX (Group II) reached an absolute neutrophil count of 1,000/microL on a median of day 20 [25].
  • Even with the marrow suppressive influence of methotrexate (MTX), the viability of the hematopoietic stem cells was not affected, as indicated by the normal repopulation after grafting in the evaluable patients [26].

Associations of methotrexate with other chemical compounds


Gene context of methotrexate

  • Higher expression of hmFPGS relative to hcFPGS was observed in some sublines of CCRF-CEM with acquired MTX resistance suggesting that differential expression of the hmFPGS isoform may contribute to MTX resistance caused by decreased FPGS activity [31].
  • CONCLUSION: MTX, SSZ, infliximab, and IL-4 inhibit human osteoclastogenesis by modulating the interaction of RANKL, RANK, and OPG [32].
  • Loss of BCRP expression also resulted in the following: (c) an identical MTX sensitivity in these cell lines thereby losing the approximately 28-fold MTX resistance of the MCF-7/MR cells; (d) an approximately 2-fold increase in the 4- and 24-h accumulation of [(3)H]folic acid [33].
  • Pre-treatment of Tat-DHFR with MTX blocks the nuclear translocation of the chimeric protein [34].
  • To analyse in depth the effect of this drug, we first determined the structure of mucin oligosaccharide chains synthesized by HT-29 MTX cells and the changes induced by permanent drug exposure [35].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of methotrexate


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