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Epigastric Arteries

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Disease relevance of Epigastric Arteries


High impact information on Epigastric Arteries

  • The effects of diadenosine polyphosphates (APnA; n = 3-6) and adenine nucleotides on contractile reactivity of isolated rat mesenteric resistance arteries (MrA) and superior epigastric arteries (SEA), which display a dense and sparse autonomic innervation, respectively, were evaluated [5].
  • 6. The results show that cicletanine inhibits contractile responses of human isolated inferior epigastric arteries by a mechanism unrelated to endothelial factors but associated with inhibition of calcium metabolism [2].
  • Phenylephrine-induced (1 micromol/kg) increases in VR were not different between tumor and non-tumor epigastric arteries, suggesting that tumor vessels possess relatively normal vasoconstrictive function [6].
  • The Prussian blue solution was injected into the superficial epigastric artery of white male Japanese rabbits, immediately followed by the ruby laser exposure to 6.2 J/cm2 at a pulse duration of 283 microseconds in a 15 x 15 mm spotsize [7].
  • In the inferior epigastric artery, endothelium-dependent relaxations in response to substance P, histamine, and acetylcholine were present [8].

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Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Epigastric Arteries


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