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Sheep, Domestic

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Disease relevance of Sheep, Domestic


High impact information on Sheep, Domestic

  • A mutation causing muscular hypertrophy, with associated leanness and improved feed efficiency, has been recently identified in domestic sheep (Ovis aries) [2].
  • Domestic sheep have two common alleles at the adult beta-globin locus, beta A and beta B. Here we report the structure of the beta-globin locus of A-haplotype sheep [3].
  • In the mouflon, Soay and some of the domesticated breeds of sheep (Wiltshire, Herdwick and Shetland), the seasonal increase in prolactin was also temporally correlated with the resurgence of growth of the pelage in spring and a conspicuous moult [4].
  • In the mouflon rams, the seasonal changes were very pronounced with a 6-15-fold increase in the plasma concentrations of FSH, inhibin and testosterone from summer to autumn, and a late peak in testicular diameter in October [5].
  • Progesterone and oestrogen concentrations in plasma of Barbary sheep (aoudad, Ammotragus lervia) compared with those of domestic sheep and goats during pregnancy [6].

Biological context of Sheep, Domestic


Anatomical context of Sheep, Domestic


Associations of Sheep, Domestic with chemical compounds

  • Rams of an ancient breed of domestic sheep (Soay) were housed under artificial lighting conditions to study the way in which the secretion of LH and testosterone changes in relation to the mating season [12].
  • No differences in serum progesterone, oestrone, prostaglandin F-2 alpha metabolites or cortisol concentrations could be detected during pregnancy between recipients carrying Dall's sheep embryos, recipients receiving progesterone treatment or domestic ewes carrying domestic sheep pregnancies [13].
  • Within the limits of sampling frequency, the duration of melatonin secretion was similar in both groups during the solstice and equinox periods; however, the amplitude was lower (P < 0.01) in Mouflons than Manchegas during the solstice periods [14].
  • Mean serum glucose concentrations in the markhor, mouflon, and aoudad were 110 +/- 23.2, 111.4 +/- 37.1, and 132.5 +/- 38.5 mg/dl, respectively, and were considered within the normal ranges for these species [15].
  • A survey of the gastro-intestinal nematodes in domestic sheep and goats of the Sahelian zone of Senegal was undertaken [16].

Gene context of Sheep, Domestic

  • The highest CYP3A-dependent testosterone 6beta-hydroxylase activity was found in mouflons and fallow deer [17].
  • The results indicate that ivermectin should be considered as an inducer of several cytochrome P450 isoenzymes, including CYP1A, 2B and 3A subfamilies, in mouflons [18].
  • Cloning and comparison of bighorn sheep CD18 with that of domestic sheep, goats, cattle, humans and mice [19].
  • Transferrin type D was observed in the mouflons, while Tfs D and E were in the desert bighorns [20].
  • Mouflon beta-lactoglobulin is a 162 amino acid long polypeptide chain with two disulphide bridges and one free thiol group [10].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Sheep, Domestic


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