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Gene Review

BLG  -  beta-lactoglobulin

Ovis aries

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Disease relevance of BLG

  • A BLG transgene displayed a similar tissue-specific pattern of DNAaseI hypersensitivity in mice [1].
  • Taken together, these results suggest that the absence of sufficient mammary-specific regulatory elements in the BLG promoter sequences and/or the juxtaposition of the BLG promoter with the HSA coding sequences leads to novel tissue- and cell-specific expression in ectopic tissues of transgenic mice [2].
  • Also included in A was a composite group of Pasteurella pneumotropica and P. gallinarum, together with unnamed groups referred to as 'BLG', 'Mair', 'Ross' and 'aer-2'. Area B contained species of Yersinia: Y. enterocolitica, Y. pseudotuberculosis, Y. pestis and a group 'ent-b' similar to Y. enterocolitica [3].
  • Sequence analyses of DD- and SSH-identified and cloned cDNAs indicated similarity of some to known mRNAs, including beta-lactoglobulin, alkaline phosphatase, type B and D endogenous sheep retroviruses, gp330/megalin, matrix Gla protein, and others [4].

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