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Disease relevance of Cladocera


High impact information on Cladocera


Chemical compound and disease context of Cladocera


Biological context of Cladocera


Associations of Cladocera with chemical compounds

  • However, the shrimp showed a somewhat lower susceptibility to heavy metals than the two species of Cladocera, especially to copper, and to cadmium and zinc in comparison with D. magna [9].
  • Significant effects (p less than or equal to 0.05) on Cladocera occurred relatively late in Elodea-dominated systems (in week 4 post-application) in contrast to open water systems (week 1), which is in accordance with the observed differences in the fate of chlorpyrifos [10].
  • The 48-h LC50 values of CNP, benthiocarb, oxadiazon, butachlor, and symetryne to the shrimp were two to eight times lower than those of two species of Cladocera, except for the LC50 value of oxadiazon to M. macrocopa, which was very slightly higher [9].
  • 1. The effects of temperature on the anesthetic potencies of halothane, enflurane and ethanol have been studied in the water flea Daphnia magna [11].
  • Methyl farnesoate is a juvenoid hormone that regulates a variety of processes in crustaceans including male sex determination among daphnids (Branchiopoda, Cladocera) [12].

Gene context of Cladocera

  • Comparing both lakes, the greatest species richness of both Rotifera and Cladocera was observed in Lake Souza Lima, during the rainy season [13].


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