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Chemical Compound Review

Combiron     iron(+2) cation sulfate

Synonyms: Copperas, Ferobuff, Ferralyn, Cytoferin, Duroferon, ...
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Disease relevance of Feosol


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Biological context of Feosol


Anatomical context of Feosol

  • To accomplish this, we utilized the relatively high level of ferritin present in the hemolymph of this animal and augmented the density of the protein in vivo by injection of iron sulfate [18].
  • The simultaneous administration of free peptides (0-192 mg) with the Fe(3+)-peptide complex or iron sulfate did not modify the extent of absorption of iron from both sources, suggesting that the absorption is due to the complex formed and probably not to exchange reactions in the gastrointestinal tract [19].
  • We have used an in vitro digestion/Caco-2 cell culture system to measure iron spirulina availability and made a comparison with those of beef, yeast, wheat floor, and iron sulfate plus ascorbic acid as a reference [20].
  • Iron sulphate therapy was monitored by bone marrow hemosiderin and serum ferritin values and 15 patients could be followed up for one year [21].
  • 1) First experiment: Bile-pancreatic duct was cannulated close to the liver and perfused through the duodenum with (i) normal saline solution, (ii) iron sulfate (FeSO4), (iii) hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), (iv) hydrogen peroxide and iron sulfate simultaneously [22].

Associations of Feosol with other chemical compounds


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Feosol

  • In the present in vivo study, cements with and without iron sulfate were compared concerning their capacity to elicit allergic patch-test reactions in eight chromate-hypersensitive individuals [26].
  • On postoperative day 9, patients were randomly assigned to either iron supplementation with iron sulfate 5 mg/kg until day 56 or to a control group [27].
  • With the purpose to extend the use of this agent to other kind of foods or even to pharmaceutical preparations for oral administration, the SFE-171 was turned into a fluid powder (SFE-171-P) by means of vacuum drying [23].
  • With this purpose, we have studied the iron absorption in mice after the administration of fluid milk and yogurt with FeSO4, stabilized by microencapsulation with soy lecithin (SFE-171) or with FeSO4, both labeled with 59Fe, which was used in the same experimental conditions for comparative purposes [28].


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