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High impact information on Oenothera


Biological context of Oenothera


Associations of Oenothera with chemical compounds


Gene context of Oenothera

  • Structure and expression of cytochrome f in an Oenothera plastome mutant [16].
  • It has a similarity of 95.1% at the DNA level to the nad5 gene of Oenothera and the two respective proteins show an overall level of amino acid identity of 88.7% [17].
  • Comparison of the wheat and Oenothera cox3 sequences gives ambiguous indications concerning the amino acid coded by the codon CGG [18].
  • Rps3 and rpl16 genes do not overlap in Oenothera mitochondria: GTG as a potential translation initiation codon in plant mitochondria [19]?
  • Similarly, deletion of sequence elements upstream of trnI, which have a possible ori function in Oenothera, did not show any effect in tobacco [20].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Oenothera


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