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Term Birth

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High impact information on Term Birth

  • Uterine PGF2 alpha values were increased only at the time of term birth, but PGE2 was elevated during both preterm and term labor [7].
  • 2. Implantation of a progesterone-releasing pellet in intact pregnant dams on GD 16 delayed birth at term until GD 20.9 +/- 0.4 and inhibited the GD 18 increase in placental PGF(2alpha) levels in conjunction with a delayed fall in plasma progesterone that reached its lowest level 1 day after term birth [8].
  • At progesterone-delayed term birth on GD 19.3, even though tissue PGF(2alpha) concentrations were at the same high levels observed at normal term birth, CX-43 and FP mRNA levels were lower than those at normal term birth, thereby possibly contributing to the delay of birth [8].
  • In conclusion, the trophic effect of enteral vs. parenteral nutrition on the GI tract is also present after preterm birth, but the postnatal maturation of many GI functions is modified, compared with term birth [9].
  • RESULTS: Term birth measurements confirm that the growth deficiency of Bloom syndrome has prenatal onset [10].

Anatomical context of Term Birth


Associations of Term Birth with chemical compounds

  • Tissue was also collected from control (C) lambs soon after term birth (TEA) and at 6 weeks post-TEA [14].
  • At term birth, racial and gender differences have been observed with white compared to black, and female compared to male, infants having higher cholesterol concentrations [15].

Gene context of Term Birth

  • Increased expression of PGHS in these tissues may therefore be involved in the events leading to term birth [16].
  • In fetal rabbit lung, the activity of methionine adenosyltransferase decreased 2.5-fold during the last third of pregnancy, whereas a 2-fold increase occurred during the first 48 hr after term birth [17].
  • Moreover, the expression of prolyl hydroxylase domain-containing proteins 2 and 3 (PHD-2 and -3), which degrade HIFs, was increased following term birth [18].
  • Thus MAP2 immunohistochemistry demonstrates that dendrogenesis in human brainstem auditory nuclei begins 16 weeks prior to term birth but does not reach the stage of mature dendritic morphology until several months into the postnatal period [19].
  • A transition from fetal to adult protein C form was found beginning 6 d before term birth, with a doubling time of 24 h [20].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Term Birth

  • Also for term birth infants, IVF/ICSI twins were more likely to be hospitalized than IVF/ICSI singletons: adjusted OR 1.37 (1.22, 1.51) [21].


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