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Disease relevance of Perimenopause


Psychiatry related information on Perimenopause


High impact information on Perimenopause

  • Estradiol levels remain relatively unchanged or tend to rise with age until the onset of the transition and are usually well preserved until the late perimenopause, presumably in response to the elevated FSH levels [5].
  • CONCLUSIONS: Women with first onset depression during the perimenopause are not distinguished from controls on the basis of basal hormone measures of ovarian estrogens, testosterone, or gonadotropins [6].
  • METHODS: We performed a questionnaire study of women with epilepsy currently in menopause and perimenopause, requesting information regarding the course of their epilepsy and treatment [7].
  • The effect of menopause and perimenopause on the course of epilepsy [7].
  • Decrease in melatonin precedes follicle-stimulating hormone increase during perimenopause [8].

Biological context of Perimenopause


Anatomical context of Perimenopause


Associations of Perimenopause with chemical compounds

  • It is concluded that the appearance of high levels of FSH and LH is characteristic of the perimenopause and often precedes the sustained loss of sex hormone secretion by the ageing ovary [13].
  • These data show that perimenopause either before or during short-term estrogen therapy is associated with enhanced cardiovascular reactivity to caffeine [14].
  • Perimenopause is characterized by decreasing levels of estrogens and progesterone until gonadal secretion comes to a complete halt [15].
  • The pyridinium crosslinks indicated an increased collagen degradation rate already in the perimenopause (PYD, p=0.017; DPD, p=0.054) [16].
  • Changes unique to perimenopause status include sleep, sex difficulties, alkaline phosphatase, phosphorous, and thyroxine [17].

Gene context of Perimenopause


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Perimenopause

  • PURPOSE: The purpose of this study was to obtain preliminary information about the effect of menopause and perimenopause on the course of epilepsy, and to determine whether seizure type, use of hormone-replacement therapy (HRT), or a history of catamenial seizure pattern would influence this course [7].


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