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Chemical Compound Review

Pyridinoline     (2S,5R)-2-amino-6-[4-[(2S)-2- amino-2...

Synonyms: HMDB00851, KST-1A7109, AC1L2XZB, AR-1A3536, AC1Q228H, ...
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Disease relevance of (2S,5R)-2-amino-6-[4-[(2S)-2-amino-2-carboxy-ethyl]-5-[(3S)-3-amino-3-carboxy-propyl]-3-hydroxy-1-pyridyl]-5-hydroxy-hexanoic acid


Psychiatry related information on (2S,5R)-2-amino-6-[4-[(2S)-2-amino-2-carboxy-ethyl]-5-[(3S)-3-amino-3-carboxy-propyl]-3-hydroxy-1-pyridyl]-5-hydroxy-hexanoic acid


High impact information on (2S,5R)-2-amino-6-[4-[(2S)-2-amino-2-carboxy-ethyl]-5-[(3S)-3-amino-3-carboxy-propyl]-3-hydroxy-1-pyridyl]-5-hydroxy-hexanoic acid


Chemical compound and disease context of (2S,5R)-2-amino-6-[4-[(2S)-2-amino-2-carboxy-ethyl]-5-[(3S)-3-amino-3-carboxy-propyl]-3-hydroxy-1-pyridyl]-5-hydroxy-hexanoic acid


Biological context of (2S,5R)-2-amino-6-[4-[(2S)-2-amino-2-carboxy-ethyl]-5-[(3S)-3-amino-3-carboxy-propyl]-3-hydroxy-1-pyridyl]-5-hydroxy-hexanoic acid

  • The increase in pyridinoline cross-links is likely to be the result of increased activity of the enzyme responsible for the hydroxylation of the telopeptides (telopeptide lysyl hydroxylase, or TLH) [17].
  • By analyzing the genetic defect of Bruck syndrome, which is characterized by a pyridinoline deficiency in bone collagen, we found two missense mutations in exon 17 of PLOD2, thereby identifying PLOD2 as a putative TLH gene [17].
  • After menopause, free deoxypyridinoline (free D-Pyr) excretion measured by HPLC without urine hydrolysis and expressed as a fraction of the total excretion was lower than in premenopausal women (45 +/- 15% vs. 59 +/- 12%, p < 0.005), whereas the fraction of free Pyr was not changed [18].
  • The Dpd antibody exhibited less than 1% cross-reaction with free pyridinoline and was shown to react only with free Dpd in urine, having no significant interaction with peptide forms of the crosslinks [19].
  • Predominantly type II collagen was present in the alginate bead, as reflected by the unique extent of lysyl hydroxylation, glycosylation, and pyridinoline crosslink formation measured [20].

Anatomical context of (2S,5R)-2-amino-6-[4-[(2S)-2-amino-2-carboxy-ethyl]-5-[(3S)-3-amino-3-carboxy-propyl]-3-hydroxy-1-pyridyl]-5-hydroxy-hexanoic acid


Associations of (2S,5R)-2-amino-6-[4-[(2S)-2-amino-2-carboxy-ethyl]-5-[(3S)-3-amino-3-carboxy-propyl]-3-hydroxy-1-pyridyl]-5-hydroxy-hexanoic acid with other chemical compounds


Gene context of (2S,5R)-2-amino-6-[4-[(2S)-2-amino-2-carboxy-ethyl]-5-[(3S)-3-amino-3-carboxy-propyl]-3-hydroxy-1-pyridyl]-5-hydroxy-hexanoic acid


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of (2S,5R)-2-amino-6-[4-[(2S)-2-amino-2-carboxy-ethyl]-5-[(3S)-3-amino-3-carboxy-propyl]-3-hydroxy-1-pyridyl]-5-hydroxy-hexanoic acid


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