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Casts, Surgical

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Disease relevance of Casts, Surgical

  • Timing of exchange of the deciduous and permanent maxillary teeth was investigated using dental plaster casts of 163 boys with total unilateral cleft (UCLP), 82 boys with bilateral cleft (BCLP), and 97 boys with isolated cleft palate (CP) [1].

High impact information on Casts, Surgical

  • Thromboprophylaxis with low-molecular-weight heparin in outpatients with plaster-cast immobilisation of the leg [2].
  • Three-dimensional computer reconstruction was done and plastic cast injection molds of the urogenital sinus were made in select specimens [3].
  • Occipitofrontal head circumference (OFC), using tape, and calibrated scale and cranial volumes, using styrofoam plastic cast, were measured in nine preterm and 13 term infants [4].
  • We compared the dose-response relationships and the neuromuscular blocking effects of mivacurium and rocuronium in 56 anesthetized rabbits immobilized in a plaster cast for 2, 4, and 6 wk [5].
  • METHODS: After repair the limbs of 15 experimental rabbits were immobilized in a functional polyurethane cast for 15 d, while those of 14 controls were immobilized in traditional rigid plaster casts for the same period [6].

Anatomical context of Casts, Surgical

  • Radiopaque plastic casts of the rabbit aortas and contact radiographs of the plastic replicas served as standards [7].
  • The chemical composition, i.e. ash and calcium contents and organic, hydroxyproline, and hexosamine contents of the acetone-dried diaphyseal cortical bone powder of the tibias and the femurs, was studied in adult rats after a) below-knee amputation and b) immobilisation of the one hind leg in a plaster cast [8].
  • A treatment program for late-diagnosed CDH included skin traction, arthrography, tenotomy of adductor and psoas tendons, and immobilization of the hips in the "frog leg" position with a plaster cast for 8-12 weeks, followed by an abduction frame until the acetabular dysplasia normalized [9].

Associations of Casts, Surgical with chemical compounds

  • With use of this model, we measured the skin surface pressure beneath a plaster-of-Paris cast, a fiberglass cast that had been applied with a standard technique, and a fiberglass cast that had been applied with a stretch-relax technique [10].
  • Pure germanium plates and cast surgical Vitallium discs and subperiosteal implants were treated to present three standard types of biomaterials surfaces prior to steam sterilization, ranging from scrupulously clean, high-energy metals to uniformly low-energy organic layers [11].
  • Occlusal anomalies were evaluated from dental plaster casts, and speech was analyzed by two speech pathologists with a high reliability [12].
  • Forty degree angled coronal CT scanning of scaphoid fractures through plaster and fiberglass casts [13].
  • In one group the dorsal bone deficiency was filled with bone cement (methylmethacrylate) at operation; in the other, the fractures were rereduced and immobilized in a plaster cast [14].

Gene context of Casts, Surgical

  • The following material was studied: lateral head X-rays and plaster casts from 146 patients with unilateral (UCLP) and bilateral (BCLP) clefts of lip and palate from birth to 16 years of age [15].
  • 200 dental plaster casts of Western Cape Caucasoid subjects, all of whom were under the age of 21 years, were used in this study [16].
  • A set of 27 biomechanical reference shapes in the form of male plaster casts were produced by a combination of CNC milling and traditional artisan techniques [17].
  • This CAD/CAM technique has the potential to simplify the procedure and decrease the laboratory work required compared to that required for the conventional plaster-cast method [18].
  • The effect of immobilization by plaster cast was studied on the activities of phosphoglucomutase (PGM), pyruvate kinase ( PyK ) and cAMP-dependent protein kinase in fast (extensor digitorum longus [EDL]), and slow (soleus) muscles of rats [19].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Casts, Surgical

  • The effects of 14 days of total postcranial body immobilization (in plaster casts) on the mineralization rate and on the maturation of matrix and mineral moieties in the rhesus jaw were studied by tetracycline labeling and by density gradient methods, respectively [20].


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