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Chemical Compound Review

Drierite     calcium sulfate

Synonyms: Crysalba, Gypsum, Karstenite, CALCIUM SULFATE, calcium sulphate, ...
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Disease relevance of calcium sulfate


High impact information on calcium sulfate

  • 1. The discharge of impulses in afferent fibres dissected from the dorsal nerve of the penis of chloralose-anaesthetized rams was recorded electrophysiologically during controlled natural stimulation of the surgically exposed penis maintained at body temperature and mechanically stabilized in a plaster of Paris mould [6].
  • Previously, it was found that the FL-SMC lesion increases substantially in size when the intact forelimb is immobilized with a plaster of paris cast for the first 7 days postlesion, which forces extreme overuse of the impaired forelimb during a time when nonlethally damaged tissue is vulnerable to behavioral demand [7].
  • A mixture of hydroxyapatite (HA) particles and plaster of Paris (POP) with saline solution was injected into the bone marrow of 30 unilateral tibiae of 30 rabbits [8].
  • Stereotactic and functional neurosurgery has experienced a remarkable degree of development during the last 50 years, from the plaster of Paris frame of Spiegel and Wycis to the technology of frameless stereotaxis [9].
  • This study investigated the efficacy of a local biodegradable composite composed of hydroxyapatite, plaster of Paris, and chitosan impregnated with antibiotics to treat methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of calcium sulfate


Biological context of calcium sulfate


Anatomical context of calcium sulfate

  • Plaster of Paris and Hexelite, a new thermoplastic bandage, were compared in the treatment of 183 patients with malleolar fractures, Colles' fractures or distortions of the finger joints [17].
  • The main findings of the study were, first, that impurities in plaster, lead in the plaster or bone matrices, coherent scatter from non-bone tissues and the individual subject's measurement geometry are all minor or negligible effects; and, second, that the synthetic apatite matrix is more representative of bone mineral than is plaster of Paris [18].
  • To avoid unequal load-bearing between the two groups, all fractured hindlimbs were immobilized in a plaster of Paris cast [19].
  • During the first six postoperative weeks, patients (1) performed active movements of the ankle and subtalar joints but did not bear weight; (2) wore a plaster of paris cast without bearing weight; or (3) bore full weight in a plaster cast [20].
  • Effect of dentin preparation and acid etching on the sealing ability of glass ionomer and composite resin when used to repair furcation perforations over plaster of Paris barriers [21].

Associations of calcium sulfate with other chemical compounds


Gene context of calcium sulfate


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of calcium sulfate

  • With use of this model, we measured the skin surface pressure beneath a plaster-of-Paris cast, a fiberglass cast that had been applied with a standard technique, and a fiberglass cast that had been applied with a stretch-relax technique [31].
  • Plaster of paris cast immobilization of the joint was used for three days [32].
  • In the treatment group, the tibial defect was filled manually with Osteoset pellets, in the control group the defect was left empty [33].
  • There were 3 pintrack infections and 9 patients reported severe discomfort during the postoperative period in a plaster of Paris. After a follow-up of 4 (1-7) years, 28 patients rated the overall result as excellent, while 1 would not have consented to the operation if she had known the result in advance [34].
  • Children who had been treated with a tubular bandage and crutches by random selection had a mean time to return of normal activity of 14.22 days compared with 21.60 days for those treated with a plaster-of-Paris cast (t=3.60, p=0.0032; d=7.38, 95% CI 3.0 to 11.8) [35].


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