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Disease relevance of Arthrography


High impact information on Arthrography

  • CONCLUSION: MR arthrography demonstrated a triad of abnormal head-neck morphology, anterosuperior cartilage abnormality, and anterosuperior labral abnormality in 37 of 42 patients with cam-type femoroacetabular impingement [6].
  • T1-weighted spin-echo MR imaging and MR arthrography in standard imaging planes and a coronal oblique plane were performed in eight other elbow specimens [7].
  • MATERIALS AND METHODS: Thirty-two patients with chronic ankle pain prospectively underwent gadolinium-enhanced MR arthrography of the tibiotalar joint [8].
  • MR arthrography of the glenohumeral joint: two concentrations of gadoteridol versus Ringer solution as the intraarticular contrast material [9].
  • MR arthrography was performed in four specimens (eight joints), after injection of gadopentetate dimeglumine [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of Arthrography

  • Thickness of capsule and synovium of the axillary recess greater than 3 mm is a practical MR criterion for diagnosing adhesive capsulitis when measured on oblique coronal T2-weighted MR arthrography images without fat suppression [11].
  • CONCLUSION: Glenohumeral distension arthrography with steroid injection followed by physical therapy is effective in expediting the spontaneously favorable outcome of adhesive capsulitis and also allows to confirm the diagnosis [12].

Biological context of Arthrography


Anatomical context of Arthrography

  • MATERIALS AND METHODS: In 121 patients with diagnoses proved surgically, the labrum, glenohumeral ligaments, and capsular insertion types were assessed prospectively with gadolinium-enhanced MR arthrography [14].
  • Horizontal component of partial-thickness tears of rotator cuff: imaging characteristics and comparison of ABER view with oblique coronal view at MR arthrography initial results [15].
  • Collateral ligaments of the elbow: conventional MR imaging and MR arthrography with coronal oblique plane and elbow flexion [16].
  • The technique was not helpful in the following conditions: early soft-tissue changes of rheumatoid arthritis; detection of minimal skeletal trauma; arthrography of the knee; evaluation of any portion of the vertebral column; evaluation of submandibular neck masses; or assessment of abdominal films for visceral structures [17].
  • CONCLUSION: The application of external heat increases uptake of intravenously administered Gd contrast into the knee joint, and may help to optimize indirect MR arthrography at a relatively low cost [18].

Associations of Arthrography with chemical compounds


Gene context of Arthrography

  • The authors have performed in these five cases an arthrography of T11 and T12 CV joints [24].
  • Shoulder arthrography in rheumatoid arthritis [25].
  • Arthrography of the wrist was performed on 300 consecutive patients by injecting contrast material separately into the radiocarpal (RCJ), midcarpal (MCJ), and distal radioulnar (DRUJ) joints [26].
  • CONCLUSION: Nuclear arthrography is a sensitive technique for detection of loosening of prostheses, offering added value over radiographic arthrography and bone scanning alone, especially for evaluation of the femoral component [27].
  • The significance of the diagnostic agreement between the clinicians and arthrography was evaluated with a Kappa Statistical Test, which showed good reliability [28].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Arthrography


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