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Urinary Catheterization

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  • Intermittent urinary catheterization was associated with lower levels of CRP when compared with other methods of bladder management [16].
  • Strategies for ureteral catheterization after antireflux surgery by the Cohen technique of transverse advancement [17].
  • RESULTS: Urine cultures obtained at drainage were positive in 62.9% of percutaneous nephrostomy and 19.1% of retrograde ureteral catheterization patients [18].
  • OBJECTIVE: To report the development and testing of a device for the noninvasive diagnosis of vesico-ureteric reflux (VUR) which avoids the need for urethral catheterization (currently required to reliably determine the presence of VUR), and which thus avoids the anxiety of parents and patients that causes many families to refuse such evaluation [19].
  • METHODS: In rats fed either the NS or the LS diet for 12 days and prepared for clearance experiments with left ureteral catheterization, the renal functional responses of the left kidney were evaluated after intrarenal COX-2 inhibition with DuP-697 or NS-398 [20].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Urinary Catheterization


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