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Osteoma, Osteoid

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Disease relevance of Osteoma, Osteoid


High impact information on Osteoma, Osteoid

  • Prostaglandin synthesis by osteoid osteoma [6].
  • Imaging of osteoid osteoma with dynamic gadolinium-enhanced MR imaging [7].
  • Five cases of clinically suspected osteoid osteomas were studied by preoperative injection of technetium-99m methylene disphosphonate, intraoperative localization with a radiation-sensitive scintillation probe, and postoperative examination of the entire tissue specimen (including the presumed nidus and surrounding bone) [8].
  • The blood-pool images were performed after the injection of technetium-99m methylene diphosphate which showed a small hyperemic lesion in all cases of osteoid osteoma, thus distinguishing this tumor from other lesions which may show uptake of radionuclide activity after two hours [9].
  • We investigated 34 osteoid osteomas using a streptavidin immunohistochemical technique and a panel of antibodies to neural and neural-associated antigens (phosphorylated neurofilament, neurofilament, and S-100 protein) [10].

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Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Osteoma, Osteoid

  • A computed tomographic (CT) scan after myelography showed a much smaller bony defect in the medial aspect of the left C6 pedicle with central calcification and extensive bone sclerosis around the defect, typical of osteoid osteoma [22].


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