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Pubic Symphysis

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Disease relevance of Pubic Symphysis


High impact information on Pubic Symphysis

  • Relaxin, a peptide hormone secreted by the corpus luteum during pregnancy, exerts actions on reproductive tissues such as the pubic symphysis, uterus, and cervix [4].
  • Whole relaxins shortened at the NH2 terminus of the A-chain by 4 or more amino acid residues are biologically inactive in the mouse pubic symphysis assay (Büllesbach, E. E., and Schwabe, C. (1986) Biochemistry 25, 5998-6004) [5].
  • It is concluded that relaxin has a potent effect on the amount of collagen in the rat pubic symphysis that is enhanced by estrogen and antagonized by progesterone [6].
  • The changes in the extracellular matrix within the pubic symphysis induced by relaxin may be important in the modifications that this tissue undergoes during pregnancy [6].
  • Relaxin-dependent adenosine 6',5'-monophosphate concentration changes in the mouse pubic symphysis [7].

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Gene context of Pubic Symphysis

  • Relaxin administration did not increase the level of cAMP in a non-target tissue such as liver, nor could an increase in cAMP in the pubic symphysis be elicited by injection of insulin, a protein of similar size and structure, or glucagon, a known stimulator of liver cAMP levels [7].
  • Two variant forms of porcine relaxin (B and C) are active in producing relaxation of the guinea pig pubic symphysis and in effecting uterine growth in rats [15].
  • A midline symphysotomy was made through the cartilaginous pubic symphysis in three groups and repaired using two figure-of-eight sutures (size 0) placed through the cartilaginous pubis using polypropylene, braided polyester, or polyglactin [16].
  • The OPEN group underwent a midline incision from xiphoid to pubic symphysis, which was clipped closed after 20 min [17].
  • Our three cases are presented to increase awareness of pubic symphysis fractures as a cause for groin pain, especially in patients with osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis [18].


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