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First Aid

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Disease relevance of First Aid


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Biological context of First Aid


Anatomical context of First Aid


Associations of First Aid with chemical compounds

  • CONCLUSION: Based on these observations it is concluded that water rinsing followed by topical calcium should remain the standard first aid treatment for skin exposure to hydrofluoric acid [9].
  • Three hundred forty-eight incidents representing 174 workers were identified, 78% of these being treated solely by the first-aid attendant with the administration of O2 and cough suppression medication [10].
  • A patient treated his slight score-throat with a thiomersal first aid spray [11].
  • These data suggest that verapamil injections should be added to the first-aid procedures performed on the beach for victims of box-jellyfish stings [12].
  • With this study, we aimed to investigate the platelet 5-HT transporter, by means of the specific binding of tritiated paroxetine ([3H]Par), in a sample of 20 suicide attempters recruited at a first-aid service, as compared with healthy control subjects and psychiatric patients with no current or previous history of suicide attempt [13].

Gene context of First Aid

  • METHODS: The study was conducted by sending simple self-administered questionnaires to 360 schools all over Thailand. The questionnaires contained 14 questions relating to epilepsy awareness, attitudes, and first-aid management of seizures [14].
  • No significant differences were found on parental concerns, performed/anticipated first aid for FC [15].
  • SETTING: Surf lifesaving first aid facilities at two beaches in eastern Australia from 30 December 2003 to 5 March 2005 [16].
  • CONCLUSION: Rock concert first-aid stations evaluated 2.5 times the patient load of non-rock concerts overall, although there was substantial concert-to-concert variability [17].
  • The mean CD4 count at the time of the first AIDS defining event was 91 x 10/mm3 (range 4-320 x 10/mm3) [18].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of First Aid

  • The group with poor outcome after hyperbaric oxygen therapy (n = 10) had higher serum CK values, lower Glasgow coma scale, longer delay in the first aid at emergency service and longer delay in provision of hyperbaric oxygen therapy [19].


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