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Surgery, Plastic

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Psychiatry related information on Surgery, Plastic

  • One hundred and three patients scheduled for cosmetic surgery were examined using a structured interview and using three assessment scales: the MADRS (Montgomery and Asberg Depression Rating Scale), the SISST (Social Interaction Self Statement Test) and the EQ-5D (EuroQol) which measures quality of life [6].

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Gene context of Surgery, Plastic

  • The role of VEGF in the field of plastic surgery is just beginning to be explored; it may someday prove to be very rewarding [27].
  • Twenty-seven isolates from the outbreak were characterised, including 17 isolates from a plastic surgery ward and six control strains of MRSA [28].
  • Tubal plastic surgery at the Tel Hashomer Hospital: a critical study [29].
  • In particular the special topics of "Body Image" including disfigurement and cosmetic surgery, and "The Role of Verbalization" will be discussed [30].
  • Kidneys had only recently been transplanted in Paris, France, and Boston, Massachusetts. Plastic surgery had yet to do a free flap and video-guided endoscopic surgery was still decades away [31].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Surgery, Plastic


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