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Online Systems

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Disease relevance of Online Systems


High impact information on Online Systems

  • The analytical reliability of data from this on-line system was confirmed to be good with the analysis of SRM samples (Seronorm Whole Blood and NIST SRM 1598 Bovine Serum), and the limits of detection (3 sigma) for Fe, Ni, Cu, Zn, and Pb were 68, 0.34, 3.5, 13.4, and 0.22 microgram/L, respectively [2].
  • Description and characterization of an on-line system for long-term measurements of isoprene, methyl vinyl ketone, and methacrolein in ambient air [3].
  • The performance of this on-line system was evaluated by the extraction and determination of caffeine, nitrotoluenes, polychlorinated biphenyls, chlorophenols and anilines [4].
  • The on-line system allowed the selective trace enrichment of chlortoluron, isoproturon, metobromuron, linuron and chlorbromuron at the 0.05-0.5 microgram l-1 level in ground and river waters and provided detection limits in the range 0.01-0.03 microgram l-1 by percolating only 10 ml of water sample [5].
  • The on-line system consists of microwave extraction followed by dialysis and trace enrichment with a C18 mini-column [6].

Associations of Online Systems with chemical compounds


Gene context of Online Systems

  • The on-line system was used to study free concentrations of ropivacaine and its metabolite (PPX) in human plasma samples [12].
  • We will start by outlining the JWS online system, the silicon cell project, and the type of models we propose [13].
  • A core electronic medical library in a rural setting. Part II: The on-line system [14].
  • Based on combined rankings for the highest number of relevant and the lowest number of irrelevant citations retrieved, the SilverPlatter CD-ROM MEDLINE clinical journal subset performed best for librarian searches, while the PaperChase online system worked best for clinician searches [15].


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