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Chemical Compound Review

Parareg     N-[(1R)-1-naphthalen-1- ylethyl]-3-[3...

Synonyms: Cinacalcet, AMG-073, SureCN71876, AMG073, CHEMBL1201284, ...
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Disease relevance of AMG 073


High impact information on AMG 073


Chemical compound and disease context of AMG 073


Biological context of AMG 073


Anatomical context of AMG 073

  • Calcium (greater than 6.0 mM) inhibited osteoclast formation, but cinacalcet HCl (30-1000 nM) had no effect on osteoclastic formation or resorption in the presence of calcium (1.6 or 6.1 mM) [13].
  • Using rat medullary thyroid carcinoma 6-23 cells expressing the CaR, cinacalcet HCl (EC(50) = 34 nM) produced a concentration-dependent increase in calcitonin secretion [15].
  • Cinacalcet modulates the calcium-sensing receptor on the parathyroid gland to reduce secretion of parathyroid hormone and lower serum calcium, phosphorus and calcium-phosphorus product in haemodialysis patients [16].

Associations of AMG 073 with other chemical compounds

  • However, whether the increased intolerance observed was due to the association of cinacalcet chloride with other drugs required in renal transplantation (e.g., MMF) needs to be assessed [4].
  • Notably, cinacalcet HCl proved effective in a broad range of CKD patients on dialysis with uncontrolled secondary HPT, regardless of disease severity, duration of dialysis treatment, dialysis modality, race, age, gender, or concurrent phosphate binder or vitamin D sterol use [17].
  • METHODS: Cinacalcet HCl (10 or 1 mg/kg, p.o. gavage), 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D(3) (0.1 microg, s.c, calcitriol) or the combination was administered daily for 26 days in a rat model of secondary HPT [5/6 nephrectomy] [18].
  • Clinical trials have documented that the calcimimetic agent cinacalcet hydrochloride effectively lowers plasma PTH levels without increasing serum calcium or phosphorus concentrations in adult hemodialysis patients with SHPT [19].
  • SELECTION CRITERIA: We included all RCTs of any calcimimetic agent, cinacalcet HCl (AMG-073, Sensipar), NPS R-467 or NPS R-568 administered to patients with CKD for the treatment of SHPT [20].

Gene context of AMG 073


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of AMG 073


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