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Chemical Compound Review

Lusmit     dodecyl3-(2- dodecoxycarbonylethylsulfanyl. ..

Synonyms: Dltdp, Dmptp, DLTP, Antioxidant AS, Milban F, ...
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Disease relevance of Plastanox LTDP


High impact information on Plastanox LTDP


Biological context of Plastanox LTDP

  • Furthermore, cDNAs of chaperonin, proteasome, antioxidant as well as genes associated with actin reorganization, which may be necessary for phagocytosis and encapsulation, were also expressed at a higher level after the challenge [11].
  • Furthermore, experiments showed a significant decrease in thymocytes apoptosis by antioxidant as measured by annexin-V labeling protocol [12].

Associations of Plastanox LTDP with other chemical compounds

  • Nitric oxide provides no direct protection against singlet oxygen exposure, but is an exceptional chain-breaking antioxidant as evident from its ability to blunt oxygen consumption during free radical-mediated lipid peroxidation [13].
  • However, none was nearly as potent an antioxidant as the clinical preparation of N-acetylcysteine, with an antioxidant activity of 502 mmol litre-1 [14].
  • Studies using reduced glutathione (GSH), the major pulmonary antioxidant, as a model therapeutic agent demonstrated that GSH can be administered directly to the respiratory epithelial surface by aerosol and is fully functional as an antioxidant both in vitro and in vivo [15].
  • The results indicate that MT works as an antioxidant as long as Zn is present in Cu-containing MT, while it works as a prooxidant when Zn is not present by liberating 1.5 M equivalents of cuprous ions relative to cupric ions added, and hydroxyl radicals are produced in the presence of hydrogen peroxide [16].
  • It was expected that the antioxidant and chelating properties of these functional groups combined with the basicity of the morpholine ring will impact on the antioxidant as well as on the partition and solubility characteristics of the compounds [17].

Gene context of Plastanox LTDP


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