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Chemical Compound Review

Vitexin     5,7-dihydroxy-2-(4- hydroxyphenyl)-8-[(2R...

Synonyms: SureCN25277, CHEMBL487417, AG-L-67047, CHEBI:16954, AC-6086, ...
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Disease relevance of Vitexin


High impact information on Vitexin

  • Twenty-four female Wistar rats, divided into groups of six rats each and fed Purina iodine-rich diet (12 micrograms I-/day.rat), were administered acutely by gastrointestinal tube goitrogen-free water (controls), methimazole (0.5 mumol), and vitexin (20 and 80 mumol) [2].
  • Three C-glycosylflavones present in millet, glucosylvitexin, glycosylorientin, and vitexin, also inhibited TPO activity [3].
  • The optimum parameters for adsorption were as follows: the concentration of vitexin and isovitexin in sample solution: 0.22 and 0.40mg/mL, respectively, processing volume: 3 BV, flow rate: 1mL/min, pH 4, temperature: 25 degrees C; for desorption: ethanol-water (40:60, v/v), 5 BV as an eluent, flow rate: 1mL/min [4].
  • Three flavonoid glycosides including orientin, vitexin, quercetin-3-O-neohesperidoside and one unknown compound were isolated and purified by high-speed counter-current chromatography (HSCCC) and semi-preparative HPLC from Trollius ledebouri Reichb., a traditional Chinese medicine [5].
  • At 400 microg/kg, schaftoside (6-C-beta-glucopyranosyl-8-C-alpha-arabinopyranosylapigenin) and vitexin (8-C-beta-glucopyranosylapigenin), isolated from EI, inhibited 62% and 80% of lung neutrophil influx, respectively [6].

Biological context of Vitexin


Anatomical context of Vitexin


Associations of Vitexin with other chemical compounds


Gene context of Vitexin

  • The isolation and antioxidative effects of vitexin from Acer palmatum [10].


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