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Chemical Compound Review

Rubomycin     (7S,9R)-7-[(2S,4S,5S,6S)-4- amino-5-hydroxy...

Synonyms: Cerubidine, Ondena, Daunoblastina, Daunomycin HCL, CHEMBL1563, ...
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Disease relevance of Rubidomycin


High impact information on Rubidomycin

  • Different serum enzyme levels (creatine kinase, CK; lactate dehydrogenase, LDH; alanine amino-transferase, ALAT; aspartate aminotransferase, ASAT) were determined after treatment of mice with rubomycin in free or liposomally encapsulated form [2].
  • The comparison of experimental data with the predictions of both homogeneous and "shell-and-core" models demonstrates the impossibility of using these models for adequate description of the rubomycin sorption kinetics on the sorbent, BDM-12 [6].
  • Analysis of rat bone marrow by flow cytometry following in vivo exposure to cyclohexanone oxime or daunomycin HCl [7].
  • The efficiencies of transformation and transfection, however, were by 1-3 orders of magnitude lower compared to cells, treated with Ca2+ at 0 degree C, though both recipients did not differ significantly in their susceptibility to AmC and Rm [3].
  • Amine derivatives were obtained by the reductive amination of aromatic aldehydes with daunorubicin hydrochloride [8].

Chemical compound and disease context of Rubidomycin


Biological context of Rubidomycin


Anatomical context of Rubidomycin

  • Rubomycin loaded erythrocytes in the treatment of mouse tumor P388 [14].
  • Administration of empty liposomes immediately before liposomal Daunoblastin did not result in better antineoplastic activity but yielded higher leukocyte values [15].
  • The cytostatic anthracycline antibiotic daunomycin hydrochloride led to the development of plastic myocardial insufficiency characterized by impaired intracellular regeneration of cardiomyocytes and progressive involution of cytoplasmic structures [16].
  • Regenerative and plastic myocardial insufficiency characterized by impaired intracellular regeneration, progressive involution and apoptosis of cardiomyocytes associated with selective cardiotoxic effect of anthracycline antibiotic rubomycin is accompanied by enhanced proliferative and functional activities of fibroblasts and other stromal cells [17].
  • The comparison of the viability of L and L-53 cells in the presence of Rubomycin C and Lycurim showed a resistance of the L-53 cells to Rubomycin C, while the effect of Lycurim was the same on both cell lines [18].

Associations of Rubidomycin with other chemical compounds


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