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Chemical Compound Review

Kasuminl     [N'-[(2R,3S,5S,6R)-5-amino-2- methyl-6-[(2S...

Synonyms: KASUGAMYCIN, SureCN70535, CHEMBL1631109, HSDB 6695, AK-85644, ...
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Disease relevance of Kasuminl


High impact information on Kasuminl

  • The methylation reaction was studied in vitro using ribosomes from a kasugamycin resistant mutant (ksgA) of Escherichia coli and purified methyl-transferase [6].
  • It has been known for many years that the absence of post-transcriptional modification at A1519 and the adjacent A1518 in strains lacking a functional KsgA methylase produces a kasugamycin resistance phenotype [7].
  • Mutations at A1519 conferred kasugamycin resistance and had minor effects on cell growth, whereas mutations at 1518 did not confer resistance and increased the doubling time of the cells dramatically [7].
  • Three ribosomal RNA mutations conferring resistance to the antibiotic kasugamycin were isolated using a strain of Escherichia coli in which all of the rRNA is transcribed from a plasmid-encoded rrn operon [7].
  • The were not sensitive to kasugamycin, the apaH- apaG- ksgA- strain filamented and stopped growing in the presence of this antibiotic at 600 micrograms/ml [8].

Chemical compound and disease context of Kasuminl

  • The "colicin" fragments comprising the 49 3'-terminal nucleotides of 16 S ribosomal RNA have been isolated from wild-type Escherichia coli and from a kasugamycin-resistant mutant that lacks methylation of two geminal adenine residues [9].
  • Mechanism of multiple aminoglycoside resistance of kasugamycin-producing Streptomyces kasugaensis MB273: involvement of two types of acetyltransferases in resistance to astromicin group antibiotics [10].

Biological context of Kasuminl


Anatomical context of Kasuminl


Associations of Kasuminl with other chemical compounds

  • Ribostatic insults included disruption of ribosomal activity by mechanistically dissimilar agents such as blasticidin-S (BCS) (which binds 28S-rRNA to block peptidyl bond formation), kasugamycin (KSM) (which binds 18S-rRNA to prevent translational initiation), and cycloheximide (CHX) (which blocks A-site to P-site translocation of peptidyl-tRNA) [18].
  • Treatment with kasugamycin and puromycin (targeting ribosomal subunit association as well as its peptidyl-transferase activity) caused accumulation of mRNAs from ribosomal protein operons [19].
  • We further found that injection of KA and CH impairs production of Germ cell-less (Gcl) protein, which is required for pole cell formation [20].
  • Ribosomes from kasugamycin-resistant mutants Ksg A and Ksg C were as sensitive to minosaminomycin as those from each parent strain [21].

Gene context of Kasuminl


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Kasuminl


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