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Gene Review

tnaA  -  tryptophanase

Escherichia coli CFT073

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Disease relevance of tnaA

  • When a tnaA-disrupted E. coli strain expressing the altered cysE gene was transformed with a plasmid carrying the bcr gene, the transformant exhibited more L-cysteine production than cells carrying the vector only [1].
  • The structure shares the same fold with and has similar quaternary structure to Proteus vulgaris tryptophanase and tyrosine-phenol lyase, but is found in a closed conformation when compared with these two enzymes [2].

High impact information on tnaA

  • Apo- and holoenzyme are inactivated at the same rate, and inactivation of both is correlated with modification of 2 arginine residues/tryptophanase monomer [3].
  • Tryptophanase from Escherichia coli B/1t7-A is inactivated by the arginine-specific reagent, phenylglyoxal, in potassium phosphate buffer at pH 7.8 AND 25 degrees [3].
  • We have identified tryptophanase (which catabolizes tryptophan to pyruvate and indole) as an Rcd binding protein [4].
  • Furthermore, the stabilization of multicopy plasmids by Rcd is shown to be tryptophanase dependent, and a tryptophanase-deficient strain is resistant to growth inhibition by Rcd overexpression [4].
  • Kinetics of tryptophanase inactivation/activation by sudden removal/addition of potassium ions with the aid of a crown ether or cryptand [5].

Chemical compound and disease context of tnaA


Biological context of tnaA

  • Portions of the genomes (including the tnaA and thyA genes, the trp operon, and one other unassigned segment) appear to have evolved in concert with the genome as a whole [9].
  • The tryptophanase structure, solved in its apo form, does not have covalent PLP bound in the active site, but two sulfate ions [2].

Associations of tnaA with chemical compounds


Other interactions of tnaA


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