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Gene Review

PP_3839  -  alcohol dehydrogenase

Pseudomonas putida KT2440

Synonyms: adhA, adhP
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Disease relevance of PP_3839


High impact information on PP_3839


Chemical compound and disease context of PP_3839


Biological context of PP_3839

  • We have identified an alcohol dehydrogenase activity in Pseudomonas putida strains carrying the CAM-OCT degradative plasmid that were grown on octane [7].
  • Mutant isolation confirms the presence of an alcohol dehydrogenase locus on the OCT plasmid and indicated the presence of multiple alcohol and aldehyde dehydrogenase loci on the P. putida chromosome [11].
  • Analysis of P. putida KT2440 genome sequence data indicated the presence of two PQQ-linked alcohol dehydrogenase-encoding genes [12].
  • Five out of seven cysteine residues found in the enzyme were concluded to coordinate with an active site zinc (Cys-46) and structural zinc atoms (Cys-97, -100, -103, and -111) from the sequence comparison with other Zn-containing medium-chain alcohol dehydrogenase homologues [13].
  • The observed stereoselectivity of the side-chain hydroxylation process in P. putida UV4 was complicated by the action of an alcohol dehydrogenase enzyme in the organism which slowly leads to epimerisation of the initial (R)-alcohol bioproducts by dehydrogenation to the corresponding ketones followed by stereoselective reduction to the (S)-alcohols [14].

Associations of PP_3839 with chemical compounds


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of PP_3839

  • A DNA fragment, containing an alcohol dehydrogenase gene (adh1), was isolated using a combination of degenerate PCR and inverse PCR [10].
  • Transcription analysis using RT-PCR showed that adh1 is cotranscribed with the putative acyl-CoA synthetase and esterase genes during growth on OPEO(n) [10].


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