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Gene Review

Bub1  -  budding uninhibited by benzimidazoles 1...

Mus musculus

Synonyms: AL022991, BUB1A, Bub1a, C80208, D2Xrf87, ...
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Disease relevance of Bub1

  • This report demonstrates that Bub1 and BubR1 mutant proteins from Brca2-/- thymic lymphomas have defects in the phosphorylation and kinetochore localization after spindle damage [1].
  • Whereas the exact details of this mechanism remain unclear, our novel findings raise the possibility of exploiting Bub1 as a new therapeutic target in the treatment of prostate cancer, the most common cancer in adult men in North America. (Mol Cancer Res 2006;4(12):957-69) [2].

High impact information on Bub1

  • Kinetochore localization of murine Bub1 is required for normal mitotic timing and checkpoint response to spindle damage [3].
  • In Xenopus oocytes, the spindle assembly checkpoint (SAC) kinase Bub1 is required for cytostatic factor (CSF)-induced metaphase arrest in meiosis II [4].
  • Our data indicate that mAsh1 negatively regulates the cell cycle (e.g., via enhanced Cdkn2d, Bub1 expression), promotes differentiation (e.g., through effects on cAMP), and enhances survival by inhibiting apoptosis [5].
  • We report that, despite high-level expression of dominant-negative Bub1 (Bub1DN), a protein known to inhibit spindle checkpoint activity in cultured cells, thymocytes show no evidence of spindle checkpoint impairment [6].
  • Differences between the Bub1 sequences suggest that the two proteins may have different substrate specificities and that Bub1b alone has a putative "destruction" box that can target proteins for degradation by proteosomes during mitosis [7].

Chemical compound and disease context of Bub1

  • In particular, the spindle checkpoint component Bub1 was persistently up-regulated from early to advanced androgen-independent prostate cancer lesions [2].

Biological context of Bub1


Anatomical context of Bub1

  • Northern blots of normal tissues show that mouse Bub1a and Bub1b genes are expressed in thymus and spleen, but not in nondividing tissues [7].
  • In addition, we depicted the localization dynamics of Bub1 in response to spindle damage and its relationship with microtubules and chromosomes, providing further evidence for Bub1's role as a spindle checkpoint protein [8].

Associations of Bub1 with chemical compounds


Regulatory relationships of Bub1

  • In the present study we blocked the function of Bub1 during meiosis by microinjecting anti-Bub1 specific antibody into cytoplasm of mouse oocytes, and found that depletion of Bub1 induced evident cyclin B degradation and precocious anaphase onset [8].

Other interactions of Bub1

  • Thymic lymphomas from Brca2-mutant mice harbor mutations in p53, Bub1, and BubR1, which function as mitotic checkpoint proteins [1].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Bub1


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