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Gene Review

Mdfi  -  MyoD family inhibitor

Mus musculus

Synonyms: I-mf, I-mfa, Myogenic repressor I-mf
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Psychiatry related information on Mdfi

  • This mechanism of active transcriptional repression distinguishes ZEB from other negative regulators of myogenesis (Id, Twist and I-mfa) that inhibit muscle differentiation by simply binding and inactivating myogenic factors [1].

High impact information on Mdfi

  • I-mf associates with MyoD family members and retains them in the cytoplasm by masking their nuclear localization signals [2].
  • We postulate that I-mf plays an important role in the patterning of the somite early in development [2].
  • In contrast, I-mfa did not interfere with the activity of the bHLH protein Hand1, a positive regulator of giant cell differentiation [3].
  • I-mfa interacted with the bHLH protein Mash2, a negative regulator of trophoblast giant cell formation, and inhibited its transcriptional activity in cell culture [3].
  • Our results indicate that I-mfa plays an important role in trophoblast and chondrogenic differentiation by negatively regulating a subset of lineage-restricted bHLH proteins [3].

Biological context of Mdfi


Anatomical context of Mdfi


Physical interactions of Mdfi


Regulatory relationships of Mdfi


Other interactions of Mdfi

  • A search for proteins binding to the amino terminal domain of Zic2 revealed that inhibitor of MyoD family (I-mfa) protein, which has been identified as a repressor of myogenic helix-loop-helix class transcription factors, can physically interact with the amino terminal domain [5].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Mdfi

  • Pipette perfusion of purified recombinant I-mfa rescues the effect of I-mfa knock-down on store-operated conductance [4].
  • Western blot analysis indicated that 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D(3) increased the I-mfa protein levels severalfold in MC3T3E1 cells [6].


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