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Gene Review

Mobp  -  myelin-associated oligodendrocytic basic...

Mus musculus

Synonyms: AI835053, AI839848, MOBP155, MOBP170, MOBP69, ...
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Disease relevance of Mobp


Psychiatry related information on Mobp

  • These significant differences in MOBP81 and MOBP170 protein kinesis coupled to different expression profiles of their respective message populations may be indicative of both myelin structural and cellular/regulatory functions, respectively, for these polypeptides [3].

High impact information on Mobp


Biological context of Mobp


Anatomical context of Mobp


Associations of Mobp with chemical compounds

  • Surprisingly, the compact myelin was formed, however, the myelin from MOBP-deficient mice exposed to hexachlorophene, a known dysmyelinating agent, showed widening of the major dense lines [9].
  • After glutaraldehyde and tannic acid fixation, a radial series of rod-like electron enhancements in the intraperiod line in the CNS myelin, the so-called "radial component", was found arrayed in a straight radial direction in MOBP-deficient mice, while these components were scattered in an oblique zigzag direction in wild-type mice [10].

Regulatory relationships of Mobp

  • Our data suggest that incorporation of this MOBP isoform into shiverer myelin may be influenced by the presence of MBP or be a consequence of a disrupted MDL [11].

Other interactions of Mobp


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Mobp

  • We report near complete sequence analysis of the Mobp gene (>11 kb), including complete sequence of all exons and their associated splice junctions [4].


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