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Gene Review

FBXO7  -  F-box protein 7

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: F-box only protein 7, FBX, FBX07, FBX7, Fbx, ...
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Disease relevance of FBXO7

  • Lordosis latencies for the SH and FBX groups did not change [1].
  • In FBX-treated larvae, the feeding rate was depressed, causing reduced weight gain and then larval death [2].

High impact information on FBXO7

  • In the SCF(Fbx7) complex, Fbx7 recruits HURP through its C-terminal proline-rich region in a Cdk1-cyclin B-phosphorylation dependent manner [3].
  • We show here that Fbx7, an F-box protein without WD repeats and leucine-rich repeats, is required for the proteasome-mediated proteolysis of the hepatoma up-regulated protein (HURP) [3].
  • Co-immunoprecipitation assay showed that cIAP1 can interact with Fbxo7 in human cells [4].
  • For the compounds denoted FBX (12 compounds), one or two OH groups attached to the fumonisin backbone were esterified by carboxylic acids other than tricarballylic acid, such as cis-aconitic acid, oxalylsuccinic acid and oxalylfumaric acid [5].
  • Bombyxin did not affect the number of cultured midgut cells without pupal fat body extract (FBX) [6].

Biological context of FBXO7

  • Hence, the integument of FBX-treated larvae had a double cuticle, indicating induction of premature molting [2].
  • The collective positivity of bronchoscopic cytology specimens was significantly higher than simultaneous FBX during both periods (P = 0.0032), but bronchoscopic histology and cytology were complementary [7].
  • With midgut stem cell cultures in vitro, addition of FBX to the culture medium stimulated cell proliferation and differentiation in a concentration-dependent manner [2].
  • Treatment with fat body extract (FBX) from pupae of the tobacco hornworm, Manduca sexta, caused mortality in larvae of two pest lepidopterans, the gypsy moth, Lymantria dispar, and the cotton leafworm, Spodoptera littoralis [2].
  • Fbxo7 has the ability to activate cell cycle regulators, and is part of an E3 ubiquitin ligase [8].

Anatomical context of FBXO7

  • RESULTS: The total number of transbronchial fine-needle aspirates (TBNA) increased from 13 to 206 (P < 0.0001), the total number of sputum (SP) samples declined from 236 to 36 (P < 0.0001), and the total number of forceps endobronchial biopsy (FBX) specimens increased from 61 to 119 (P = 0.0023) between the earlier period and the later period [7].
  • Nervus terminalis lesion (TNX), control forebrain lesion (FBX), and sham (SH) surgeries were performed after preoperative data was collected, and animals were tested again postoperatively [1].
  • Fbxo7 overexpression has transforming activity in murine fibroblasts, and it is also highly expressed in human cancers, suggesting it is a potential oncogene [8].

Associations of FBXO7 with chemical compounds

  • In addition to Fbx7, data base analyses reveal two putative mammalian proline-rich region-containing F-box proteins, KIAA1783 and RIKEN cDNA 2410015K21 [3].
  • The FBX dosemeter contained 0.20 mM ferrous ammonium sulphate, 5.0 mM benzoic acid and 0.20 mM xylenol orange in 0.05 N sulphuric acid [9].
  • Use of the FBX dosemeter for the calibration of cobalt-60 and high-energy teletherapy machines [9].
  • This effect was compared with those of insect molting hormones, ecdysone and 20-hydroxyecdysone; an ecdysteroid agonist, RH-2485; and a purified protein from FBX (multiplication factor) [2].
  • The FBX dosimeter exhibited a linear dose response as a function of activity for two common radiopharmaceuticals, 99mTc sodium pertechnetate and 131I sodium iodide [10].

Regulatory relationships of FBXO7

  • Furthermore, we showed that overexpression of Fbxo7 promotes the ubiquitination of cIAP1 [4].

Other interactions of FBXO7

  • When co-expressed in cells, cIAP1 and Fbxo7 co-localized remarkably both in the cytoplasm and nucleus, and considerable amounts of these often co-localized at one or few distinct Golgi-like structures close to the nucleus [4].
  • Although all three D cyclins bind and activate cdks 2, 4 and 6, Fbxo7 has been characterised as a selective enhancer of cdk6 activity [8].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of FBXO7

  • Response of the FBX system to a carbon beam: its potential as a dosimeter in heavy particle radiotherapy [11].
  • But radioimmunoassay measurements confirmed that the amount of ecdysteroids in FBX was too low to be responsible for the molt-inducing effects observed after treatment with FBX [2].


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