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Gene Review

PRMT1  -  protein arginine methyltransferase 1

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: ANM1, HCP1, HMT2, HRMT1L2, Histone-arginine N-methyltransferase PRMT1, ...
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Disease relevance of PRMT1

  • Antisense PRMT1 cDNA constructs expressed under the early cytomegalovirus (CMV) promoter were transfected into HeLa cells, and stable transformants were selected [1].
  • Here we report that several proteins extracted from HeLa cells were methylated by PRMT1 (protein arginine N-methyltransferease 1) even on a nitrocellulose membrane, while proteins from Escherichia coli are not methylated with this protein [2].
  • Although PRMT1 was not found to be hormonally regulated by steroid hormones in breast cancer cells, our results suggest that two variants of PRMT1 are down regulated in breast cancer [3].
  • Our data suggest a novel mechanism by which the protein arginine methyltransferase is involved in the control of AR-driven transcription. p44 expression is dramatically enhanced in prostate cancer tissue compared with adjacent benign prostate tissue [4].
  • The results presented here suggest that decreased DDAH levels as well as increased PRMT gene expression could cause the elevation of plasma ADMA levels, thereby eliciting hypertension in CKD [5].

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Biological context of PRMT1


Anatomical context of PRMT1

  • Sam68 was also detected in the cytoplasm of PRMT1-deficient embryonic stem cells [15].
  • Flag-IR1B4 fusion proteins bind to the isolated IFNAR1 intracytoplasmic domain produced in Escherichia coli, as well as to the intact IFNAR1 chain extracted by detergent from human U266 cell membranes [16].
  • Remarkably, PRMT1, whose methylation activity on histone H4 strongly correlates with induction of HNF4 target genes in differentiating enterocytes, regulates HNF4 activity through a bipartite mechanism [17].
  • Our results thus reveal the role of a PRMT in protein localization in germ cells [18].
  • All PRMT isoforms investigated were detected at the mRNA and protein level in mouse lung, and were localized primarily to the bronchial and alveolar epithelium [19].

Associations of PRMT1 with chemical compounds

  • A(63-)VLD(-65) to AAA mutation of PRMT1 suppressed the methylation of recombinant SAMT1 and other RGG proteins in the HeLa extracts [2].
  • The methyl transferase PRMT1 functions as co-activator of farnesoid X receptor (FXR)/9-cis retinoid X receptor and regulates transcription of FXR responsive genes [20].
  • Here we describe the crystal structure of rat PRMT1 in complex with the reaction product AdoHcy and a 19 residue substrate peptide containing three arginines [21].
  • Moreover, inhibition of methyltransferase activity, pre-acetylation, or activation of the enzyme PAD4 attenuated retinoid-regulated gene expression, while overexpression of PRMT1, a methyltransferase, enhanced retinoid responsiveness [22].
  • SET-mediated Promoter Hypoacetylation Is a Prerequisite for Coactivation of the Estrogen-responsive pS2 Gene by PRMT1 [23].

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Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of PRMT1

  • Moreover, PRMT1 and ILF3 co-precipitate in immunoprecipitation assays and can be isolated together in "pull-down" experiments using recombinant fusion proteins [29].
  • Chromatin immunoprecipitation assay suggests that 6-ECDCA induces both the recruitment of PRMT1 and the H4 methylation to the promoter of BSEP and SHP genes [20].
  • Western blot analyses of zebrafish tissue extracts confirmed the expression of some PRMT proteins in zebra fish [10].
  • In summary, our data show that the yeast two-hybrid assay is an effective system for identifying novel PRMT arginine-methylation substrates and may be successfully applied to other members of the growing family of PRMTs [32].
  • Using quantitative real-time PCR, we examined the expression of Hcp1 and other intestinal iron-transporting proteins in male C57BL/6 mice with experimentally altered iron homeostasis [33].


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