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Gene Review

bmp1l  -  bone morphogenetic protein 1, like

Danio rerio

Synonyms: bmp1, tolloid
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High impact information on bmp1l

  • Members of the bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) family actively promote ventral cell fates, such as epidermis and blood, in the vertebrate gastrula [1].
  • Definition of cell fates along the dorso-ventral axis depends on an antagonistic relationship between ventralizing transforming growth factor-beta superfamily members, the bone morphogenetic proteins and factors secreted from the dorsal organizer, such as Noggin and Chordin [2].
  • In the past year, a novel signal regulating the formation of neural crest cells has been identified, and advances have been made in uncovering roles for bone morphogenetic protein signals and for a transcription factor in the onset of neural crest migration [3].
  • During early zebrafish embryonic development, FGFs regulate dorsoventral patterning by controlling ventral bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) expression [4].
  • 1. Expression of a constitutively active receptor and transplantation experiments were used to confirm that BMP signaling in lateral mesoderm restricts subsequent hemato-vascular development [5].

Biological context of bmp1l


Anatomical context of bmp1l

  • We conclude that the role of Bmp signaling in the ventral and posterior mesoderm changes as gastrulation proceeds [10].
  • We also found that zbmp-2 was induced cell autonomously within the transplanted cells in the host ectoderm, suggesting that BMP cannot influence even the neighboring cells [11].
  • Sustained Bmp signaling is essential for cloaca development in zebrafish [12].
  • Expression of BMP signalling pathway members in the developing zebrafish inner ear and lateral line [13].
  • Our results provide insight into alk8-mediated BMP signaling gradients and the establishment of premigratory NCC mediolateral positioning, and extend the model for BMP patterning of the neural crest to include that of NCC-derived pharyngeal arch cartilages [14].

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